Timothy Explains Black Magick In Under 9 Minutes [Video]

Hello Family,

My writing and duties preoccupied me the last several months, however I still love the forum and check on it every now and then. Herein lies video which can introduce you or any of your friends to the philosophy of black magick very succinctly:

Black Magick Explained In Under 9 Minutes!

What is the Left Hand Path?

  • Is it evil?
  • Is it chaos?
  • Is it hedonism?

No, it actually is none of those inherently, although our critics mistakenly accuse us of such.

Black magick is the philosophy of rational self-interest, also known as, the pursuit of happiness. In this sense, the Left Hand Path is a way of life.

The innate simplicity of this may surprise you.

As an ideology, black magick comprises a set of first principles, which derive from the prerequisites of magick itself, namely:

  1. Individuality—the sorcerer needs to exist to perform magick
  2. Freedom—the sorcerer needs to be unrestricted to perform magick
  3. Power—the sorcerer needs strength to perform magick

The ambition to maximize these three essential principles constitutes the central ethic of black magick, what we call, Ascent.

What is Ascent?

Ascent is the Journey to Godhood.

What is Godhood?

Godhood is a grandiose term for the condition of maximum individuality, freedom, and power. Refer to religious mythology for a theoretical example. A god exists as an individual who possesses the freedom and power to know everything, do anything, and be anywhere. A god possesses omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, what we call the Three Godlike Powers.

In the context of black magick, we attain these powers through the praxeology of:

  1. Divination: Omniscience
  2. Evocation: Omnipotence
  3. Soul travel: Omnipresence

For this reason, we titled our project, Become A Living God. Because from inception, we dedicated ourselves to the supreme aspiration of the Left Hand Path.

So we clarified the first ethic of black magick, called Ascent. There exists one other ethic, called Adversarialism, known in the mainstream as, Satanism.

What is Satanism? In Hebrew, the word Satan means adversary. In the context of religion, the word adversary signifies the antagonist figure, any character of mythology who defies and rebels against the protagonist, the tyrannical creator deity.

So to answer succinctly, Satanism is adversarialism, and adversarialism is rebellion against tyranny. To give it the most concise definition possible, Satanism is self-defense.

A Satanist says, “I am the authority of myself, and I revolt against any entity that claims authority over me.” For this reason, many Satanists are anarchists and atheists, like me. They denounce any claim that a state, religion, or deity can control them.

The most clichéd and predictable slander against the Left Hand Path is that black magicians are sociopathic terrorists who want to sacrifice babies, skin cats, and enslave humanity.

Psychopathy—ruthless aggression and violence against innocent people—explicitly violates the first principles of individuality, freedom and power.

Thus, anyone who commits terrorism is a psychopath, not a rational magician of the Left Hand Path.

To summarize, black magick is the philosophy of rational self-interest. It consists of three principles: individuality, freedom, and power. The first ethic of the Left Hand Path is to maximize these principles to Ascend to Godhood. A god possesses omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, so the praxeology of black magick is divination, evocation, and soul travel. The second ethic of black magick, is Satanism, in order to defend against any entity whom tries to impose authority over the black magician.


Well put, mate!

When I read through the transcript something came to mind, and it seemed to reside- then later I ended up on YouTube and watched the video, and the same thought arose, so I felt compelled to wonder if it was random, or might have something to it.
-the below three points (the almost circling-way the 3 come out of- as well as enable the practice of- I found neat), don’t seem to connect directly to the 3 “powers” (omni-science/-potence/-presence)…
but seems an interesting parallel.

(perhaps soul-travel/omnipresence, as “freedom”, evok/potence "power, thus divination/omniscience as “Indiv”) - or perhaps swap soul/Indiv and divinate/Freedom…

Anyway- not trying to put words out there, and may be a total diversion/tangent, but came to mind

[quote=“Timothy, post:1, topic:4675”]As an ideology, black magick comprises a set of first principles, which derive from the prerequisites of magick itself, namely:

  1. Individuality—the sorcerer needs to exist to perform magick
  2. Freedom—the sorcerer needs to be unrestricted to perform magick
  3. Power—the sorcerer needs strength to perform magick[/quote]
    [the above- three BasisPts seems a more concise/cohering core than the translated 4 skills: ie Know/Dare… etc. I hadn’t heard the above presented as 3, is that from a Trad, or something you might have developed/clarified yourself?] -likely explicated upon in the upcoming book, just wondering

At least thought- perhaps as a tendency of symmetry, but also it resonates with some “other groups”… the 2 ethics (Ascent: first listed, or perhaps “primary”? then Adversarialism: again, second listed, or “secondary to Ascent, even dependant upon?” (order as just a list, vs as a sequence could slightly change the meaning)… the second one as “Boundaries: defined, defended and explored?”

 Then the thought of a Third (goes along with the '3' powers, and the '3' principles.. if '3' ethics, vs 2 ethics.. but only if this Third applies)- the thought of "Fellowship" (or a better word), but the idea of finding like-minded (who also are Seeking and Upon Ascent, as well as enacting Adversarialism/self-defence..)
    -these 2 could combine in what the Russian Martial Art references as calm-sovereignty in action.... 

The finding of others also pursuing the first and the second could help one in one’s own pursuit (of the 1st and the 2nd ethic)…
but also Association for its Own Sake; thus the question of: IF one is Seeking “self”-development (with the assumptions within that interp, but as one interp of Ascent as an ethic), and the 2nd interp’d as emphasizing “Freedom”… <a group being a restriction (at least to an extent greater than separateness- a degree of Working-Together>- thus the question oft arises, why would this be Sought? (ie finding others, sharing and Building a Group)

If it was Recognized that Finding Like-Minded (or however phrased) was also something sought- along with the 3 powers, and the 3 principles, as a dual basis of Development...  [to step into another's systems terms- the Recognition and Encouragement of the BlackFlame's Illumination in Other's as well as TheSelf] - that would then lead directly to explaining the sharing msg aspect.. (and Connecting via BALG)...

I hope this isn’t too far off, and might add something, even if only to clarify (or even spur discussion and interest).

a last thought:[self-‘development’ (?), self-defence, self-’_’~reflection(?)]

PPS going to the webpage listed, it states: “Sign Up Now For Secret Pre-Order In December” -might this mean Dec of 2015… or perhaps the planned pre-release was pushed a bit, and the month listed there was intended to be changed (if it will be spring or summer)? -if 12/2015 then works, just in case… likely interest will be there, either way.

For me Adversarialism manifests as an effect of exercising Freedom in a social context where there is a high level of ignorance and close mindedness.

I have achieved the knowledge I have by ignoring social norms and seeking truth, to the extent of being ostracized or judged by those who know me. Exercising Freedom from the good opinions and approval of others, is a necessary first step to obtaining Individuality.

Im so pissed now, in suspense to find out the release date…


Bravo! Thanks…

I was a little envious when I saw Anima Noira received a manuscript to review. I look forward to your book.


My honor to give helpful material on the truth about black magick.

The philosophy of the LHP consists of 100% axiomatic deductive reasoning—in other words, it consists of pure genuine logic, free of “belief” or “opinion”.

It would please Aristotle himself.

Forthcoming videos available soon!

Hey, at least the RHP of submission keeps you warm and toasty! :slight_smile:

“Godhood is the condition of maximum individuality, freedom and power”

I don’t know about the word individuality in there. All three of the godlike powers lie beyond the limits of individuality.

Not that I have a better definition, but the word “cohesion” keeps slapping me in the hate of late.

@Timothy But that doesn’t mean hedonism doesn’t have it’s place in lhp/black magic and we shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy it in your view, does it? Personally, I feel hedonism, of whatever form(s) you choose is among the great things about lhp self governance and not bowing to a master. I fully intend to enjoy what I want and have no problem asking entitys to help me achieve and obtain what I want of Earthly pleasures while working on ascent and power. Thoughts?

Honestly, more people should watch this, especially the ones who mesh sorcery with psychopathy…

I agree. Timothy, like E.A., knows his stuff and knows what he’s talking about. And I also mesh sorcery with science, psychology, and psycho-pathlogies. I think Himmler was onto something with his attempts to combine the occult with science. Contrary to popular belief, it was Himmler, way more than Hitler, that was into the occult and it’s practical applications in a military context (he did a lot of weird stuff at Wewhelsburg Castle, especially in the basement in the famous room he called Vallhalah). Hitler believed more in a vague concept of “fate and providence” and drew many of his beliefs from the Elder Edda and the teachings of Friedrich Nietchze. A lot of what Himmler did at Wewhelsburg can be found in the book “Hitler’s Secret Service” (formerly entitled The Labyrynth) which are the memoirs and autobiography of Walther Schellenberg, head of AMT 5 (the homeland security and counter espionage branch of the SS) and then reaching head of AMT 6 (the foreign intelligence branch of the SS. He was Hitler’s master spy and headed many of the operations of both departments when he was head of them. The book is especially interesting because, not only did he report to Hitler and Himmler daily, but it’s also among the few books penned by a high ranking Nazi that makes no attempt to disown, downplay his role, or apologize for what they did; in fact, he tries reliving the sensations of power he enjoyed as head of these departments and with the rank of Bigadefuhrer (Brigadier Genera)l in the SS, to give him access to high level meetings and security level above Top Secret when combined with his position as head of AMT 5, then AMT 6. Very interesting read that I highly recommend. Who knows how many occult knowledge was destroyed when the Soviets rolled into Berlin and ransacked the Fuhrer Bunker in the Reichchancellory garden. With the effort they put into gaining knowledge of the occult and putting that knowledge into practice and practical use, they probably made some astounding breakthroughs in that field. The world will never know the knowledge they gained that would be useful to us all who practice the occult.