Timing of spells

I was just wondering

Which time is the best time to call on lilith for beauty or love spells? Full moon or New moon?

Also is there a day of the week specifically ?

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For love (and probably also beauty) spells, a Friday during waxing Moon.
Even better if the working is performed in the hour of Venus: the magical day goes from dawn to sunset, magical night is between sunset and the next dawn. Each one is then divided by 12 in order to calculate the magical hours. There are some tables online and even a software…

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New moon is for dark work.

Full moon is for light work.

Not right now. We’re going through a Venus retrograde until the end of the month, and the shadow period will extend itself until mid-late February. I wouldn’t advise doing love and beauty workings until March.

Venus retrograde aside, Fridays are the best days for love and beauty rituals.

Depends. If you want to lose weight or “get rid” of something like bad habits, Full/Waning Moon. If you want to start something new (like the gym, or a treatment, or a new relationship) then New/Waxing Moon would be best.

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what happens when doing work during a retrograde?

It’s just not ideal. Workings won’t necessarily backfire, but it’s like there’s an overall resistance to it, there might be inconveniences, it might take much longer to manifest, etc. Try to wait until it’s over.


thanks what if there is already working in process from before retrograde still working will it affect these too or will they continue to work if they were done before retrograde

I have never had a problem working during a “retrograde” or manifesting results. Personally, I think people make too much of a deal about astrological timing. While it can be useful, it is in no way mandatory or necessary.

You can call Lilith anytime.


It will still work, in fact I did some workings myself in December. There’s just a bit of resistance so you may not see results right away though, but a retrograde doesn’t mean a backfire. Take it more like a slow down or a delay.

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