Times to call spirits

’ Hello everyone…please forgive my bad grammer and spelling but i have a question about goetic spirits. can one evoke them at any time or does one have to call the spirits at the times given in the goetia?? thank you to anyone who may respond

The spirits can be called at any time,. However if it is possible you might consider calling them in their designated hours to see if it aids in manifestation, as a sign of respect if you are not familiar with the spirit, or to aid in your prepatory immersion.

However if it comes down to not preforming a ritual, or preforming a ritual based on something like timing, conventional knowledge around here will point you to preforming the work.

Cogitation is right, but you can channel day and night once you learn. I channel why I’m driving, working ect… Asking about task I have or will do

You can call them any time you like. That bullshit about having to wait until “the 3rd wednesday in October between 6 to 8 p.m. but only if that wednesday falls under a full moon and it’s raining outside and the stars are aligned with Taurus blah blah” that’s a wiccan thing. No wonder wiccans never get anything accomplished with all those stipulations on when you can and can’t contact a deity. Geez.

Any day, time, month, moon cycle etc. is fine.

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Many magicians take into account ritual timing as the planets and their associations can quite easily be connected to the days of the week and the hourly increments within them. This can suggest that theres ‘a right time’ to perform magical operations. The truth is, the right time to act is right now as it is the only true moment in time that exists?

The future doesn’t really exist at all, the past is just memories but right now in the present is the only true mark of time. This is also true of spirits as they exist at that moment in time and once gone, they are no longer there at all. E.A himself said this with his collaborations with Azazel and I totally agree as it fits in with the quantum workings of the universe.

Most magic can be performed at any time in reality. Sometimes though, initial acts need to be marked as an anchor at the beginning of an active period where multiple rites are performed in stages, which progress towards a specific outcome. This will usually mean starting at the new moon or even when the moon is full for particular workings.

The moon in this respect appears to offer some sort of progressive energy, which gives a type of support to the growth of longer projects through their individual stages of development. This reminds me of many old gardeners planting to take advantage of the waxing moon and its magnetic pull on nature. Apart from this Luna aspect however, I have performed magic at any time of the week and on any moon phase with no disadvantage to the outcome.

I personally think that if you truly want something, or you have need for something then it is time to act. Performing a ritual to prove a point or just for the sake of trying to make something happen usually results in failure, irrespective of what time you perform the ritual.

The true time to act is right now!

I will add to my previous comment though.

Although required times are of a more wiccan/pagan thing, a full moon is coming soon and you’d be surprised at how much your power can be amplified during such times. So if you ever have any workings in mind that are not in need of immediate fulfillment, working during a full moon can be very beneficial and if you have a good handle on your abilities, magick can easily be twice as powerful during a full moon. Try doing an evocation on a full moon. If you can communicate with spirits, the connection between you and them seems to increase and when they speak to you, it comes thru more clearly than usual. Intuition is also strengthened during this time, so if you ask them for information or educational guidance the ideas they provide you with will just flow thru you like water.

And once things start to come easier for you, evocation in itself seems to happen 2 or 3x faster during a full moon. If it usually takes me 3 minutes to evoke a particilar spirit, on a full moon that spirit will come almost right away.

Yes I know RavensAscent, there’s a magnetic pull with the moon that tends to last up till three days after its climax at the full. It’s the same with the new moon as it only shows itself three days after the day it was new. Nature does tend to be drawn upwards as the moon is waxing, which can be seen with plants as their growth is more heavy and faster at this period.

Many old witches swear that the third day after the ‘full’ is the most powerful night of the month for any magic of increase (I wouldn’t argue with this)…and they will only ‘cast out’ as the moon is waning. Witches will also only work when the moon has risen up towards its zenith to try and gain from this pull it has on our energy, our bodies, and therefore our intentions.

I have as mentioned performed magic on all lunar periods without no advantage or disadvantage to the outcome, but I suppose many traditional covens being governed by the ‘Lord ‘n’ Lady’ honour the lunar clock. It does control the rise and fall of the tides through its magnetic pull so it may (or may not) have some influence on our watery bodies.

I do think the moon has a special place in the hearts of many people who practice magic as its reflective energies are very inspiring and therefore, the imagination will certainly be effected by it, and we all know how powerful the imagination can be…and also, how deceiving it is?