Im clairvoyant and I was thinking is it possible to use clairvoyance to view other timelines to find out the outcome of something you are thinking of doing

I don’t see why not. I’m a big believer in leveraging time manipulation as well as viewing alternate lifetimes, so the combination of the two should be possible.

@DarkestKnight what are your thoughts about this??

Sorry, I don’t believe in “alternate timelines.” Time doesn’t exist; it is a function of consciousness, and has more to do with perception and memory than anything else. There is no past, and no future, only the eternal now, and everything is happening concurrently. It is only our mind that makes it seem linear

However, I don’t see why you couldn’t look into the quantum flux of probabilities. That’s basically what divination is.

Has anybody on this form been able to view multiple probabilities of something using clairvoyancy

I personally have not, but the spirit Satagraal, from EA’s Kingdoms of Flame, can most likely teach you how.

Satagraal has experience with getting visions of multiple outcomes?

Satagraal oversees the currents of seership, and always has his eyes “descrying the flight of things that even the most adept seer cannot behold” so, yes.