Time Travel?

Is Time Travel really possible
Could we able to accomplish this Task…???
Anyone ever Asked this Question to any of Entity and if yes,then what they said about That???

Life is an animated scene, one single frame of energy, changing form too fast for our senses to perceive, before it’s already gone. To prevent losing its own sanity, the mind came up with the illusion of time.

Time does not exist in nature. It’s a concept, not a thing. We can’t travel in concepts except in our minds. This is the only medium we can use for “Time travel”. As such, it can be used as a form of “astral plane” of existence, where we can cause change to occur in the physical realm, in conformity with the will.

In other words, we can only time travel in our imagination, and use the past or future events that we imagine or visualize, as a cause for change that we desire to happen now.

That’s the only form of time travel - in my opinion - that we can accomplish.


Have you tried using the search button? This question has been asked numerous times and there are many threads about it.


My Theory toward Time is kinda same as you’rs Time dosen’t exist It’s just Mind Creation
When we talk about Time Travelling we talk about reversing actions which are irreversible like ageing…
The Desire of Time Travelling arises from this Thought of mind other wise why would we even Time Travel just to change our Direction to Left that we were travelling Right 6 minutes ago…
Desire enforce to Create Miracles

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somebody posted a technique about traveling to alternate universes, he said it could also be used for time travel

Can ya give ne link

Just type in “alternate universes” in the search bar

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its the first one that pops up

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