Time travel spell

Feel bad i didnt go to college at 18 4 years ago is there a way to travel back in time and do this or a spell for getting over it?

No, there is no magick where you can physically travel back in time to go to college.

You have asked a similar question before:


Do you think it’s likely there’s a “time travel spell” that people would know about and tell you on the internet and yet despite this, you never heard of it before? :thinking:

I’m not trying to be a dick to you but if spells for things like time travel and flying were simple, and could be posted on a forum, you would probably have heard of this happening more by now, right?

Most of us know someone who talks about a psychic prediction someone got right, or a precognitive flash that came true etc.


Try this:

Hope it works for you.


Theoretically, sudden changes may happen or an alternate timeline may be entered (almost as a future event)… Perhaps it’s kinda “Back to the future” but there is a bit of logic.

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Based on everything I have ever seen and heard, time travel outside The astral(which in itself is a very subjective experience) is, if not impossible (almost positive it is) then difficult beyond pretty much anything Else you might think of To fix your problem

Why do you want to get over it?

I have a mental illness it isnt possible.

What kind of mental illness do you have that is preventing you from going to college?

No, you can’t travel back in time.
Make the best of what you have now and take better decisions in the future.

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ok that makes sense, I posted a reply to you earlier on another topic regarding my thoughts on your posts. My apologies in its harshness due to your medical condition.

Ita fine am used to it at this point.

Some have used retrocognition to project themselves to the past, not physically of course and the past cannot be changed, the idea that a alternate timeline would happen is under the idea that you can actually make a difference from viewing the past since that’s technically all you can do.

So let’s just pretend for a second you manage to do what you wish there is a whole theory about this even if you change your history you will end up returning to the same exact place you were because the only thing you are doing would be creating an alternate time line where you did go to college so nothing would actually change for you :man_shrugging:t2: actually I think someone already posted something similar to what I said

You could try this for your time travel.

Caveat emptor, but there you go.

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Time travel is possible, its just not what you think, when you go back in time, you only transfer to a universe where that certain time period or event is still happening, it’s called transposing and can be learn by getting into the theta state, detaching from here and using your intentions to transfer your consciousness to another place in existence

All in all you cant change history no matter what you do, but you can experience a time that you wasn’t born in to some extent

Prince seere can control time

This thread is old but my opinion is, it isn’t possible to alter the past albeit you can view past events.