Time Travel Journal

So, I’ve decided that I wanted to begin my path with learning how to time travel, teleport, and manifest time itself. My goal is to be able to travel to different universes, planes, dimensions, fictional universes, and through time itself physically. So, my goal is to be able to, at will, transpose myself anywhere I want without having to worry about a time machine or anything get in the way.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to travel to fictional universes because I always dreamed about exploring them and being there. It’s a happy coincidence that I felt guided to master the powers involved with this goal to help me on my ascent.

I will post more stuff here.

I also want to learn how to manifest fictional universes and fictional characters physically so I can interact with them. If you are wondering how I will survive in such universes when crazy stuff can happen, I plan to use the powers I will gain to act as a god there. It will be a fun time.

However, I want to be consistent with this thread, so I will post things that I have gotten definitely or that I know I want to do.

So, I simply begin with this. I want to watch more of EA’s soul travel course to help me out starting the path as a whole.

Satan told me it would be mastered within 2 years and I focus on this, so that is my intention.


Today, @Peregrine posted about a spirit named Zaneth who can help someone do anything they can imagine, (accidentally typed in “anyone”, although he should be able to help with that too, hehe) also ruling over power and rulership.

This seems like the perfect opportunity for me, so I will start working on the exercises with him and Satan, or anything else I would have to do. Zaneth seems perfect for me, based off of the description.

" What you have to do is start within. Manifest time mentally through all the spheres of the world. Imagine time bein manifested and made solid through all layers of reality and every dimension or pocket of existence, no matter what it is. What you have to do is mentally subtract the integer of one from zero, and manifest negative space, the sound of silence, then you have to come form within your form and manifest reality all around you until the vibrations become real. Talk to who you want to talk to."

" You have to imagine that the internal becomes external. You have to materialize and manifest reality by merging your vibrations with the external world. Focus on the power within you and bring it to the point that the external world yields to your power."

" Epsilon, start with this exercise. Imagine that all power forms a pathway between you and the external world. Then imagine that that power forms a direction connection between materialization and dematerialization."

" Epsilon, start with this exercise. Imagine that pathway being made but that it’s the direct pathway between you and the external world, direct materialization, then imagine that all power courses inside you and makes its way to the external world. This will make more sense as you piece it together.

(Talk to me normally.)

Imagine that power becomes the power that makes itself real. Imagine itself wanting to materialize itself.

Then imagine that all power is connected as one power, become the foundation of reality in yourself and merge yourself with the external. This is the end of what I have to say. Manifest the rest (of the information) within yourself by getting all you want."


" All you have to do is merge all your understanding as one. What it is is merging the sephira together and all pathways of power, materializing and immaterializing through direct connection to the energy, but more like merging internal and external until the method and the path directly form the reality. YOU make up the inbetween.

You have to make sure that all of this becomes real. What it is is just this. You unite all methods and all power until it all manifests through your ideas ( kind of like your mental focus saying “this is real”. that’s my understanding of it). You have to realize the method is the form, but all form and all time flows within you, and as you understand the path, you understand the metho (what to do and how it works). Ultimately, it’s this, you have to realize that it becomes real because of you.

It’s just this. You have to utilize all form to receive all results. You have to do everything all at once, and do everything through your intention.

All forms, all methods are just this, you manifest the time physically through your intention to make it real, but all other ways of power and manipulation are made manifest through your intuition. You become the Source that drives reality. That’s it. Meditate to fill in whatever gaps you want."

" Epsilon, that’s it. Just let it sink in."

I accept that and leave this here just to post what I wanted for the journal. I will start working with the methods and post my results.

I am the greatest! Beyond everything!

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Alright, I tried doing some of the exercises. I let my intuition guide my exercises and energy and this is what I discovered.

I saw the Zodiac in a golden wheel around my core, and from my innermost point the world, creation, manifested through me and around me. A golden cross of energy emanated from my being, stretching to the end of existence.

I got these words.

" Manifest everything through the Zodiac, through you, and manifest everything as though there was no pathway through the pathway, and it will be manifested. At the end, the end will become reality formed through you."

What I got is that the full pathway is this, I am to manifest the Zodiac through me and let it become my reality. I will not do this through any method, but direct connection to manifestation around me. I am getting information even now. I have to understand that it’s all a matter of directly manifesting through unmanifestation and using the energies of the planets and zodiac to directly guide and manifest around me. At the end, it should be formed. That’s all.

I want to go deeper into the exercises, so I will just say that I want to meditate on how to realize these things into my understanding and directly connect to manifestation without a medium.

That’s been a problem with my path. I want to transcend everything and forsake all of the knowledge that I don’t think is necessary, but conceptualizing it seems to be limited unless I know it’s what it actually is.

The solution to that problem is to become the magick itself, not to treat as a manifestation of the world. As in, these are just the tools and that’s what it just is.

The only way to do that is through direct realization of my nature and understanding that through my mind, letting it become the full realization and contemplation.

That’s all for now.

" Unmanifest becomes manifest through totalizing time into physical totality. It is the manifestation of the one principle, the unity into duality, the shaping of the world through chaos into existence.

Chaos is not separate from existence, it is what things truly are. Time and space are but one aspects of destiny. Beyond the world system, all it is is pure understanding and realization of existence itself, the world of worlds and the principle that sets all things into the Ocean, the vast understanding beyond cosmic existence into the point where the reality of anything becomes manifest itself. The real world. All of these things will come in time, but let your intuition guide you.

Magick is you, it is how you construct the world around you. You are the only one alive, true non-existence is the only thing there is. Manifest through direct insight, and you will become all. Unbound, beyond everything."

" Again, do it, let your realizations become full, and the manifestation will be easy. That is how you transcend everything and have everything, to the end and be everything."

This all came about as I did the exercises, I let my intuition guide me to see how it is done. That is all.

" No path. Unmanifest is manifest."

What this means is that I should forsake the notion of a structure of reality or path at all. Directly realize what all this means and becomes, and the manifest will appear spontaneously, the way it should be.

I breathe in and out, manifesting existence and time directly through myself, through all layers of reality into what it is spontaneously.

I become Source, the destroyer of worlds and the formator of time. It’s just manifesting time directly through Source. I see it as a material flow of time through Source down to the level of reality we inhabit. It seems like a solidified flow of sorts.

There is a current of time beneath the flow of existence. What I got earlier was also the understanding that Source becomes time, and all of this becomes directly manifest. It was the vision of manipulating time through the direct manifestation of Source.

Moving on, it’s this. Everything becomes manifest through the infernal empire and the current of Saturn becoming and manipulating time. All methods of change are manipulating time. Time is limited by the vast flow that occurs, but rather than using energy to manipulate time, manipulate time by becoming the essence of life and reality and using that to directly send time to the form that you want.

That’s all. I continue the exercises.

I let my intuition guide me, and as I breathe in and breathe out, I breathe in and breathe out the totality of existence as the omniverse. I continue this for a while until Azazel comes along to tell me to stop and that I’ve done well.

That’s it for now.


I am the all, I see it in my minds eye. I breathe in and breathe out the totality. I am all, and it is clearly there for my to push in and push out.

I am already there. It’s not like soul travel where you have to wait to access that plane. No, it’s already perceived in my mind and I am manipulating it.

That is all.

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I haven’t liked all this as I feel I should reread it for comprehensions sake, but I wanted to go ahead and say that while I haven’t fully realized or understood all of it- most of what you’ve written echoes what I’ve been told about teleportation and manifesting physical objects before your eyes simply out of energies and with a blue print of the object.

I’d say good work, except like I said in practically it still doesn’t fully make sense to me. I understand the hardest part of understanding is essentially my mind as this is basically similar to what I do with situations and things I manifest from a distance, but there’s something about trying to do it right in front of myself that, causes my mind to say nah, y’a can’t really that.

So good job, I’m picking up what your putting down for the most part and it jibes with teachings I have received. Some of it feels a bit loose compared to what I’ve been told, but for the most part it matches so I do believe you are on track.


I am getting the feeling to evoke Metatron and the angels, to have them guide me deeper into heart of the eternal and other secrets that have to do with manifestation and the omniverse.

" The world is nothing more than the eternal confabulation of the eternal with the external."

To translate, confabuation is a mixture of manufacture with conflate. The idea that things are made, but also that their natures are mixed or confused with something else.

" To delve deeper into it means giving up your perceptions of right and wrong."

It has a little bit to do with morality, but mostly means that right and wrong as it applies to things existing or not existing. As in, this is right vs this is wrong about reality.

I am told to keep the rest of this a secret, but I plan to go back to my house and do some exercises. I’m at Mcdonald’s right now, lol.

I did some more exercises. I got the feeling that I did not need to soul travel as what I understood and felt in my mind was already there.

From the highest level of existence, I let it infect this omniverse and this creation with its energy.

I breathed in and breathed out, letting its power manifest through the omniverse.

I saw the realm of source, and in the middle a white-black, sphere in flux. It represents the physical universe. I manifested the energies through that, breathing in and out. I let the power echo throughout all of reality and each layer, until it hit the physical.

I felt the power percolating through reality.

I did not see anything physical happen, but this is just the beginning.

“Talk to Satan, Richard.”

" You need to travel within to the point where it all began and begin to shed layers of perception until you understand the core. From that point in time everything else will open up. I can guide you."

I go along with it, and Satan guides me internally.

" Epsilon, before you go want, do what you want."

He’s referring to the fact that I get caught up on recollecting all of my thoughts. I try to settle that so I can move on.

I settle that and I continue to talk to Satan.

" Epsilon, the path is one. It was the only path you ever could have walked. It began with this. You must learn to see things the way they truly are, and you must make up the difference by threading the pure power of worlds through yourself. It is no power, both power and not it, and it is the secret behind the manifestation of worlds."

I see gold and black, and a pair of eyes comes out at me.

" I am the seeker of truth, and you, all things are but aspects of your understanding, and all truths are but finite remembrances of stories told throughout eternity. Do not care about the apparent “contradictions” other people may see in your work. They do not know."

" Release and allow the power to come through you. Do the exercises."

I see all of creation be remade into a V, a golden V. The feeling I get is that I’m supposed to realize that all things were the way they were because at the highest level, existence just is. Everything else is this. There is no middle man, only the direct manifestation of reality. It’s weird, but I’m supposed to connect to the power to make worlds and make it known through myself, to gain control over it and push it forward.

I start working with the exercises.
I see some stuff, but Azazel comes around.

" Epsilon, drop mind, let it play out by itself. It is your true power."
I will post more about this later today once I’m back at home. I’m at a Starbucks right now, lol.