Time to start spreading my wings

Come one come all! boys and girls, dogs and cats, and squirrels and nuts and have your fortune told… do you want to know the mysteries of the world within? or perhaps you want to get laid and are looking to go about accomplishing that aim. I have just what you need, namely tarot and runes, and occasionally stichomancy(divination by books). And ALL for the ridiculously unaffordable price of free, that’s right FREE! so go ahead and sell you precious heirlooms because it will do you absolutely no good.

send your questions to me and I will answer them in the manner I perceive best, hell I might just make a spread up on the fly. I’m mainly doing this because I need practice, lots of it for what I have coming, so feel free to Message me. also my internet connection will be hit and miss so please don’t mind the waite(pun intended)…

Make sure you do some stichomancy for folks too.

You get some freaky answers and I’m like the guy on Mind Freak that runs away yelling “HOW HE DO THAT Y’ALL?!? HOW HE DO THAT?!?”

dude stichomancy is one of the greatest and most addicting forms of divination you can do, it’s fucking epic. I try not to do as much though because I’m trying to improve my ability to gather information from more subjective mediums, rather than just getting a “here you go asshole” answer. I’ve had entire conversations with entities before, but Keep in mind it’s like an ouija board, if you’re connection is shoddy, it’s open mike night.

Also I want to build up my own personal library so I can do stichomancy that way.

Stichomancy? This sounds awesome!

To everyone who sent questions I will get to them tomorrow… I was hoping to get to it tonight but I left my cards at my new place(I’m in a process of moving).

I love that technique. One of the benefits is that it is always comprehensible (depending on your bookshelf I suppose). :slight_smile:

The complete works of HP Lovecraft should be perfect for this…

First wave of questions is complete, I’ll be working on everyone else’s shortly. Also Feel free to share your review, experiences, or your death threats here. my cards are a bit unforgiving(a common case when using upright and reverse meanings) so don’t shoot the messenger if it’s not the answer you wanted.

My reading from Icarus was short and perfectly to the point. It assuaged some fears I have been having, and reminded me to think logically, not emotionally. The outcome is one I am really invested in and the answer was the one I wanted to hear, so only time will decide the truth of it.

All in all, a very concise and. I feel, accurate reading, definitely on par with the mighty TWF and Orismen, though the price (FREE) may be too high for some. Excellent, Icarus. Very excellent. I can only hope to get my own skills to this level.

I had asked Icarus three questions. He answered all three.

The first was the question of humanity, to which he was able to tell me what is occurring to it is part of my journey, part of my path and that my personal humanity will be shattered and rebuilt but it’s all good because that’s just a part of my destiny.

The second question was a little more personal than that, but he was able to give me some really useful insights into a person- insights I needed. He was also capable of giving me the advice of continuing to live this double life of mine.

The third question was if there were any specific groups after me. Because I tend to make trouble. He told me that there were, but that they will not pose a threat to me and to keep striving.

The excellent price will definitely have me coming back in the future for more.

Keep spreading those wings, Icarus.


alright If You haven’t got answers yet, you’ll get them tomorrow, that is the last time I try to do a reading in barnes and noble… too hard to focus. if you have any more questions you would like answered please send them in the next 30 mins before I go home. You should get a response tomorrow.

I asked for a reading too. He didn’t get the answer I hoped for, but it helped me understand some things. I’ve gotta say, this man is pretty good. He certainly knows how to interpret cards and spreads and I noticed that he doesn’t just quote from a book, he’s receptive to what the cards themselves tell him as well (and that’s the most important thing).

He says he needs practice, but it looks like he’s already got it. Thanks very much for the reading man!

I asked Icarus the same question I asked TWF, because hey it is always good to have more than one divination and some things have changed since I asked TWF for a reading.

Icarus impressed me as some of what he said was verbatim what was said by TWF. Icarus saw how my unsure goals would bring disaster with a spirit I am planning on working with. He saw that I should not ask the spirit to help me achieve both goals but to work towards one goal at a time. I should mention that I did not tell Icarus that I had two goals in mind, my question was a very basic “What will working with spirit X bring me?”

He then intuitively picked out that I had come to a conclusion on what goal I wanted after my reading from TWF and saw that working towards that goal would bring me a better outcome.

I am impressed, Icarus flew high today in my book.

By the by Icarus, you have a great name for this sort of thing. Because you fly high and spread your wings long.

Well, your name’s good for both divination and describing being high, I suppose.

I won’t go into elaborate detail because the subject was personal, but I will say that Icarus’ reading was quite accurate. Surprising in places, but accurate.

His advice on what to do about the situation was imperfect through lack of another reading to know more about the circumstances than I had volunteered - but the actual -reading- describing the situation itself and the priorities involved were absolutely appropriate, and meshed neatly with a tarot reading of my own that I had done beforehand.

We all have our hiccups but the only ‘mistake’ here was I guess lack of extra ‘intelligence-gathering’ divination to guide the reading on the actual question. The reading itself was powerful and accurate, though! Icarus knows his stuff!

“Fly, on your way, like an eagle:
Fly as high as the sun;
On your way, like an eagle.
Fly and touch the sun!”

Edit - Oh, what the hell, I can at least reveal the basic gist of the question if I’m going to give an honest mention of one tiny little hiccup in man’s delivery. Clear his name, so to speak.

It was about the balance between my magickal and my love life. His description of the crux of the situation was dead accurate, and his reading’s statement that by temporarily diverting attention from blatant ascent to derive more spark and vigour from my love life to later fuel that ascent rang true.

It was only his ‘outside-the-reading’ advice on the fine arts of tomcatting and screwing around with the local tumbleweeds that was ‘off’, since I’m actually in a relationship and it’s very important to me to be loyal to her. So, there was nothing wrong at all with his actual reading, just that another one could have clarified more of my circumstances for him.

No harm done, I learned from the reading performed and he learned about cross-reading so no complaints at all, just accurate review. Those Maiden lyrics were well-earned.

Next wave of questions complete… C’mon guys doesn’t anybody need readings, I need some more questions!

Icarus recently answered a simple question I had, and that was if the way I intended to go about making Mount Vesuvius erupt was the most efficient.

Not only did he tell me that I wasn’t, but I had some bigger battles coming my way and that I should pull out because I’ll need all my strength.

And before I logged on and read his message, I was attacked by an odd spirit inside my defenses. I log on, and his message was sent before the spirit attacked me.

So, props to Icarus!

Whow, you still do some questions free? Well, i’m not completely sure what would i ask… Even if my mind is always full of questions, but asking the right questions… Maybe its hardest when it actually would be free, to know what to ask :smiley:

I’ll admit, i also am concerned if the cards would just say “this person is a stupid dick and should stop doing anything”

Ask anything. I need the practice.

He’s done it again!

So I had ten questions, which I won’t post, but the sum of it was what should I do, how things were going, what path should I take, etc.

He hit one of things like a nail on the head. I’m actually outright stunned because the situation he has described and the little nudges he’s given me really do change the whole game for me.

This guy knows his shit, to say the least of it.


You’ve probably heard me blab roughly 900 times now, so,