Time to Fight back (crime)

I posted about stopping human trafficking a while back but soon realized that it was a big task for me and I should start smaller. So I’m starting with crime in my area.

A few years ago it was so bad that my anxiety hit me fucking hard and this seems to be a repeating cycle this year.

I’m done with living in fear and it’s time to protect those around me even strangers who are innocent.

I plan on doing a petition to several Gods and want to know your opinions. Papa Legba and Ganesha to block out the theives spiritual help and create obstacles in their paths. Chango, Ares, Thor, Njord and Narasimha to destroy the lives of these thieves and bring death onto those who are dangerous. Angi to burn down their safe houses (with them inside) . Yemaya, Freya and Durga to protect the weak. The Baron to bind their souls after death. Various protector entities and land spirits to protect the people and severely torment the theives and criminals. Serket to send venomous creatures against them. Ares to create discord amongst their gangs. Loki to prevent my Magick from being tracked and Fenrir to have them attacked visously by hounds. I may also release servitors.

I need your honest opinions. I normally don’t post my details online but makes sense.

I take it personally because many people have suffered under them.

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And you know, there was me going to post about the importance of getting an effective banishing ritual under your belt by months of daily practice and just how many different things you can use it for and you decided on ‘petitioning’.

'Dear [name of spiritual entity], I am so piss weak I need your help and probably always will; etc., etc."

Do your old uncle Al a big favour and whilst you’re doing your active Magick do a lot of banishing practice - until you can feel the energy movement - then keep practicing. Promise me. By the time you can banish with no (or little) energy left and you ‘know’ that you have shifted energies and altered your space you’ll know how to use banishing as a personal forcefield.

P.s. Don’t keep an aerosol can of engine cleaner by your bed or in your car, because if someone breaks in and you spray it in their eyes it really, really stings.


I never thought of it from this perspective…

I will definitely try this. I was look for a newer banishing ritual to practice so I will try this

Thank you for your advice. There is definitely a lot of hidden wisdom in it and I look foward to deciphering it.

You want to protect the weak ones, by harming those which you think would deserve to be harmed, to be destroyed or even killed?

Well, don’t you think, that someone (human or entity) in turn may think, that you also deserve to be harmed or killed, by doing so?

How can you judge, who deserves to be brought to death and who not?

Even a criminal, may be a person, who, even if on the outside may seem like someone evil, may be in spirit someone who is not, or who may change in future and become the opposite. Who are we, to decline them the possibility to change minds?

And even if not so, there is always a mother, a father or even a sister who will suffer too from this, when someone does harm to this criminal, who is their child or their sister or brother. Why to be the cause of this?

Highly opinionated, but still: If we spread death, then we are surrounded by death and will find death too.

Imho, we cannot just be the judge for these people or even criminals, just because we think, this will help others. We do not know or have all the information regarding those, to be a judge or more so, to think we are better than them - because that’s what we do, when we think ourselves in any way as their judges!

Big criminals, like Pablo Escobar, were doing also good things, helping people in need - regardless, if they did it, for their own reasons. But these families, who were taken care, when he built them houses and brought them food, when politicians wouldn’t do, would disagree, that someone like him deserves some justice of the kind you mentioned.

Harming the others won’t help these people either, rather, may cause more pain, tears etc. to those, who may not be involved in their crimes. And who guarantees, that with getting away with some of them, may not help others to become more aggressive or worse? Or who guarantees, that if we petition that a gang is dealt with, it may not lead to collateral damage?

We as humans, simply do not have all the knowledge, insight and foresight that it requires, to make the right decisions and petitions in that regard.

So, what may we do instead, someone may ask…

Wanna truely help those in need? Than, imo, one should rather focus on the needs that these people in need have. Sometimes it can be, even something like feeling a little bit more peace with their struggles and worries. Sometimes, it may help coming in form of a person who may share a moment with them, in their deepest time of struggle. Besides all the material needs they may have. There are many ways to make all kind of GOOD things happen without becoming a “spiritual criminal” ourselves.


Honestly your comment has given me a new perspective.

Most likely this is why I plan on covering up my trail. We’re all the bad guys in someone’s story.

It’s not my place but I’m tired of seeing the people suffer and live in fear. What kind of person would I be if I turn a blind eye?

This is a very interesting way of looking at it but until then should we let them have their way? They may be someone great in the future in fact I know a guy who is a gang member and is changing is life around but if they’re violent then maybe putting them down is a more logical choice.

I’ve already thought of this. Actually the shadow side of me says take em all out but I know that’s not were I stand morally.

You’re right…

Maybe the scale I’m aiming for is too vast and maybe I was too impulsive. Maybe I should work on a spirit to put guilt into their minds and change their lives around.

I am thinking of the hardworking and innocent people. Truely they deserve justice?

Yes these kinds of criminals are fine but the ones here steal out of laziness. It’s disappointing. If there is one who helps the poor then he should be respected.

I’m not going after gangs. My experience with gangs was actually positive. They don’t attack unless provoked. My target is those that do home invasions and particularly those who torture others.

Okay so most that people know off are young adults who are addicted to drugs. They in turn hire teenagers out to do their dirty work. Some are in it for the money and been honest, I realized they don’t like working. Unemployment may contribute but most are lazy.

Your preserpective opened my eyes to the consequences. Maybe nobody has to die but I’ll still find ways to protect the innocent.

@thejimy I will look into this from another perspective. Maybe you’re right in the sense that I should find a more better solution which is beneficial to all parties.

That is definetely the way to go.

Maybe all these people, who are acting out of laziness and let others do their dirty work, maybe they exist for some reason. Even if themselves may not change, or make something better out of their own lives, ever, maybe still it helps others to see this and act rather differently. Think of it, in some cases it may lead people to show empathy or act in other ways, which we see as good, which otherwise, wouldn’t have occured.

We can not know, why something is happening. Some benevolent entities may utilize even the evil in the world, to make good things happen, as example by helping some people understand and act differently. It kinda reminds me, to when people are asking “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” or sometimes even with the addition “… to good people”. Well, I came to understand, that sometimes, the evil is allowed to happen, because it will lead to some greater good elsewhere. Also, maybe, someone has to become first a criminal, to realize some things and turn in a greater way around. We simply cannot know… nor it is our place to know these things.

We do not have the foresight and insight, to understand always the “why”. Actually, just recently someone said to me “Spirits, angels, especially gods… do not have our logic, they don’t think as we do. If they did, they would be humans”. This was an eye-opener.

We may argue in a specific way, which seems to make absolutely sense to us. But, these entities don’t necessarily share the same patterns in thinking. And of course, if you spin it further, their actions may not resemble things we could always or easily understand. Maybe a person has to go through paths in life, which are not their destination, just to lead them to their path. And one of them, may be to be a criminal - for a period of time.

I were a little bit like you, thinking, that “we” must be more aggressive in our actions, to fight crime back. But through different events, I were teached differently and shown how I was wrong.

We can do a lot though, to plant seeds in the minds of people. And then, ask and allow the benevolent entities and gods to do their part of the job. But, without becoming so aggressive, that other humans will feel we are reaching into their freedom or trying to force specific behaviours. It is after all the right of everyone, to make their own decisions, good and bad ones.

Sure, not everyone and all things will change. And not always will it make a difference. But, sometimes it will, and that’s what matters. If it were so easy or even possible to change the whole world, to our own viewpoint, then we would no longer deal with humans, but with slaves.

That’s very nice and all, but I’m hearing this as moralising which is specifically against the rules here. Partly because it derails threads into discussion about it’s merits rather than practical magick.

Note: This was posted in the baneful magick category, not the RHP category. It you don’t like what people post here maybe you should mute the category instead of telling them they’re doin’ it rong…

I think the OP is already well aware of this option, not being brain dead, so it’s condescending and a waste of everyone’s time. :slight_smile:

How can you judge, who deserves to be brought to death and who not?

You’re judging him here, so why shouldn’t he get the same privilege? He’s human, with free will, and he’s motivated to get this negative energy off his planet, that’s all it needs. Death is not bad or final - it’s just change of spiritual state - they will probably reincarnate and maybe co-create something more mutually beneficial next time, that’s a good thing and everybody benefits including the target.



This will sound harsh, but this is not for nothing…

You just let a stranger online make you second guess yourself with the power of fluffiness, and you want to summon dozens of the most powerful baneful deities in succession. Also mixing up traditions and energies with no idea if they’ll work well together.
Indian, Norse, Greek and Egyptian all just lumped in like they were gods-r-us for hire? That usually doesn’t go very well unless you’re a seasoned mage that already has personal relationships with all parties involved.

Based on this thread, you don’t have the strength of Will to get through to all of them, let alone to conjure a successful working. Or, you don’t know what you want, and confused intentions will get confused results.

At worst you will get some results but create a maelstrom of energies and make yourself a mess and probably make your anxiety way worse. Some might decide to teach you a lesson in respect.

I suggest keeping with the start small theme, pick a pantheon and evoke individually, get to know the entities personally, and ask them then if they’ll join a team for each purpose. It’ll take longer but build up the intention and energy as well as your connection, and I think will be safer for you.

Otherwise I’d say add Andras for good measure and have at it. :smiley:


Well sometimes the truth is what we need.

I guess I need to work on that. I find myself easily convinced by others but as strange as it may sound it’s like there’s two aspects of myself. One which is wrathful and impulsive and the other that’s strategic but passive and its hard to balance them out. Maybe this is why I get second guessed so much.

Not a seasoned mage but I have established relationships with the deities I mentioned. One of them told me that I need to control my anger and impulsiveness and the other said it’s not a good idea to go through with this as the criminals as of lately are doing their best not to harm others and just steal. He did tell me that such a ritual would have been very overwhelming for me and that focusing on defense is better.

Not gonna lie there this is the truth.

I’m glad I took the advice of the Gods and read this. I did have a plan on clearing out the energies when I was done. Then again such a ritual seems really unnecessary in hindsight. I need to work on my impulsiveness.

Well as of lately I do feel like it’s in my best interest to stick to just one path. I’m going to mention it to the spirits I work with in a way that won’t be offensive to them and focus my Ancestral Gods and the Norse Pantheon (tried to stick with one but yeah).


Well sometimes violence may be necessary. Actually the true Hindu beliefs even permit violence to uphold Dharma.


I agree with this, sorry @Twilight_Dragon but you need to strengthen that backbone :stuck_out_tongue: if you want to do the work, there are always naysayers, and frankly, the replies from @thejimy are just morality-based “don’t do what you want to do, because I personally don’t believe in it” kinda stuff.

Criminals are the weakass ones who prey on the vulnerable because they’re too fucked up to be creators, so they just take what others created and manifested for themselves. (Vulnerable NOT being the same as weak, we wouldn’t mystically have a better society if we killed women and children because they can’t fight a trained and fully gown man, ffs.)

They decay ascent, by removing the preconditions of a high-trust society, in which humans naturally thrive and become able to think about more than surviving until tomorrow.

Goddess Durga, and they have an entire warrior caste to protect the peaceable hard workers, the businessmen, and the holy men. :+1:

Not to mention the Bhagavad Gita…


Yeah that’s been my weakness for a while. I’m looking at becoming more confrontational too but it’s not the easiest thing to do but I know it’s necessary.

It’s the reason I was jumping on board with this. I understand stealing a loaf of bread but when you’re torturing innconets. It’s were I draw the line and since it’s not smart to confront them directly, magick seemed good.

My caste is worker but I’ve always been drawn to the warrior side. Both its light and shadow aspects. It’s not the easiest archetype to embody though.


For me, that can easily happen through compassion and empathy - it’s so easy to see other’s points of view you can take on that energy and forget your original position for a bit. It makes watching debates whiplash-inducing :slight_smile:
I really only got over it with time and doing the inner work to become clear about who I think I am, and knowing I can get a handle on my anger. And if I get angry, knowing that that’s ok and it’s for a reason - your system it trying to tell you something.

In this case, I’m hearing that your anger is giving goals of:

  1. Not wanting to be robbed by these people, of which there’s a clear threat
  2. Wanting to protect others from being robbed

You could definitely still do a working to address this. I’d do it one by one with links per person, but that’s me, if I feel like I half-arsed it that undermines my confidence and makes the working less successful.

I’d look into the reason why they steal, and go for that as the target. Being alive isn’t a reason by itself, they are probably poor and in a bad place, and this has become a way of life. A good death curse will still follow your intention and end up working to remove them from your life in a non- or less-baneful way. They could get a job offer out of town, or a family member could get sick and they have to go take care of them, or they could go to jail. It might kill them too, they they’re in that world already - all they gave to do is steal off the wrong guy at the wrong time to get shot.


I don’t know, why you have a problem with that… the OP had a question and asked for honest opinions. It’s all what it is, an opinion, nothing more, and especially not telling anyone anything they have to do. You don’t have to like or share the same opinion. If you don’t like if people are posting that, maybe you should mute the category instead… :slight_smile: :wink:

@Twilight_Dragon reading your post , you seem to my eyes like this :laughing::pray::raised_hands:

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Whoa whoa whoa. No need to bind their souls after death. Remember earth is a development school. Physically dying for the thieves is enough no need to follow through to the ether lol. Most people’s lives a somehow planned and people learn lessons. I think causing them terrible luck is enough. And also physical death. I would recommend you go the servitor way and implant them on crossroads of crime prone highways create them with the entities you mentioned. I mean I don’t think it’s that complex as it sounds. You don’t need to go overboard. Just changing the energetic imprints of certain places. Unmasking the energies that help conceal the thieves. Etc is enough and letting the magick take effect. Having decent protection is key though.


Okay I’ll admit, binding their souls was taking it too far :joy: :joy: :joy:. I’ll be working on a servitor after some self discovery. I’ll start with a simple one to deal with those who are polluting my area and then spread out to muggers and eventually the “big” guys.

I’m working on this too alongside applying yout advice and working with just one entity and I’m throwing in revision for good measure. Thank you for your honesty!

I will definitely work on these. I’ll hold the second one off for a while but the first I’m currently doing a working for.

Ironically I’ve been looking at studying Archery lately :joy::joy::joy:

Ahahaaaa seriously :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Definitely this fox guy is stamped in your subconscious then :laughing:

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You give me strong Megara vibes. Heavy Scorpio energy there :scorpion:

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