Time to expect a target to get killed

Ok, so here is the question most people are asking themselves. How long does it take to kill someone magickally?

Experiencies. My succesful unstopped one took around 6 months after hating and cursing him with all of my soul from time to time. This was no ritual. This was my soul screaming of madness, pain and hate against the one causing me a lot of suffering for long time.

Around 6 months it took to get news of him death by 3rd parties.

My next unsuccseful kill took around 8 months, I say unsuccesful because it stopped. I explain, some enemy was bullying me, so I cursed him. Hoodoo jar, it was a ceremony as another magician worked with me. We cursed some people at a time.

He developed cancer, and almost died, yet he changed his attitude at me, so we became friends (incredible but true). So the ritual halted, I didnt do anything, it just halted. Thing I feel is ok as we are friends atm

The other ones health are screwed and getting worse slowly but I feel is ok.

So, from what Ive read from others 1 year is ok to manifest without much effort

What are your experiences fellow magickians?

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The only death curse I’ve done manifested once (granted, I’ve only done one with that intention in mind, and this wasn’t it). I was on the edge of suicide and cursed the Bully pushing me towards it. He became depressed himself and committed suicide four months later. But really, Iwwasn’t focused on it and I just let out all my hatred/anger.

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