Time Modification

I worked for a few month now with having the pattern “tomorrow will be yesterday” upcomming every now and then.
I was boldy accessing time manipulation which definatly makes sense to me to have such thought pop out along the journey.

Now, i plan to close that “time loop” soon.
I’ve developed quite an interesting relationship with Loki during the working.
Which, will go on for a while aswell.

yet, the time loop needs to be closed, i know that.

i’m looking for a good point in time to close it off.
So if anyone haves upcomming Astral constelations which include Saturn,
or is in other ways connected to either Saturn or Abraxas,
I’d be really glad to hear suggestions.

Thank you in advance!




Thank you a lot for this post this idea intrigued me a lot if you are willing to go more into detail on creating a time loop please let me know or point me in a direction where i can learn about this.

Well right now Saturn is retrograde and it goes direct on September 6th. Too far off?

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I’m not Creating one,
i allready have it open.
I look for a good date to close it.

Thank you for yout tip Atinama.
Sounds good.



I’m really intrigue by time stuff please do share your findings if you will :smiley:

That was too complicated for my brain :smile:

Could you please include some resources here about the topic so I can understand, at least the basics… sounds very interesting!

Any resources that explains how it works and the objectives or goals we can achieve from it, that would be great.

Thanks in advance,

Yah, I know. Saturn direct is a perfect time for ending your loop.

Why does the name Clistheret keep ringing a bell for me on this?

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