Time in spirit world

I have heard that theres no time in the spirit world or present past or future, is it true? Most magicians say they cant give a specific time for results when the ritual is done


I tend to disagree that there is no time in the etheric/spirit world, there’s day, night, a past, a present, and a future. The beings from there a lot of them were once babies, children, growing up, Lucifer, Belial, Zeus, Hermes, etc were all once children at different times. I’ve witnessed day, night, sunset, etc within the ‘spiritual’ I tend to believe most mean astral when they say said place does not have time and such because it’s a realm of “thought”

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why would time exist in the crossroads time is just weird either 1 sec is 1000 minutes or 1000 sec are several minutes this goes with astral travel too why can you see thouth time

The crossroads?

the state e.a talks about

I don’t really pay mind to EA so you’d have to explain what he views that as.

its a state where you are
between astral and physical

Oh, I see, thank you. Although in this context I’m not sure they mean that space :thinking:

Well, technically time is a metaphor. I think that time may exist in the different realms, but it’s a lot different than our version of time.


This is what I experienced, in one of my projection travels, I was in this place and I would project there ever so often for a month to keep track of the aging, in a month the kids were equivalent to early-mid teens for us here. I have so far made a theory that it’s a mix of the realm and their race that makes their aging different than our own. Of course I tested this a few times, some with fae and some with the race I mentioned a sec ago.


Interesting! So my theory is right. I feel smart. XD

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Time is a creation of man so it is an ilusion, in the spirit world there is no such thing

So man created aging by that ideology lol.