Time for some reflection?

Ive noticed its a very human thing to get caught up in circumstances, the mundane day to day stuff, and to feel frustrated with the future “not coming fast enough”. But when you look back at the previous months/years, its almost scary sometimes to see just how much has changed.

Looking back to january or december, it feels like Im almost a completely different person, and looking back further to when I discovered EA’s works, its like im living in a completely different world now, and not even a full year has passed!

The old challenges I used to face are like kid’s stuff compared to what Im concerned with now, my old occult practices are just…babytown frolics compared to these techniques, and some of the things I set into motion Im having trouble keeping up with, but I wouldnt have it any other way!

Almost every day is filled with new knowledge, new adventures, new people and CONSTANT self development, with no end in sight…its a very interesting sensation to tap into limitless potential. Its been quite a rollercoaster ride so far!

So Im curious, regardless of specifics like what rituals or spirits youve worked with, how are you and your world different now than from when you started practicing the methods we discuss here? What are your successes, what are your struggles and concerns? Magic is a very personal thing, and Id love to see the unique ways it has manifested in everyone’s lives.

Nice post Lotus :wink: From time to time I recall to myself this very subjet, if my own self from 10 years ago would look at me, he’d never believe.

I’ve been able to manifest, get almost everything I wanted (house, car, job, lots of sex lol), all of this through magic and personal effort.

I’ve modified my attitude also, I was such a nice guy, so shy, but nowadays I’ve become all the agressive I needed knocking down some of the bad ones and scaring the hell of them, all of this without losing my essence in the process.

I certainly have progressed a lot in this time, magically also of course, I’ve don such interesting things, yet I have to get to the most interesting ones.

Yet, I feel my progress is very slowed down, due to Karmic ties (not the Talion Law, you know), but as always I’ll overcome them.

Wish you all the best in your magick path/life

I think I know how you feel. Yeah, since i’ve started my magickal journey EVERYTHING has changed. But most of all, the view of myself and a sense of purpose that goes beyond any struggle I encounter in my daily life. Everyone seems to be looking for happiness, but what they seem to forget is, that happiness is a byproduct of walking your path. Your true path, not the bullshit society tries to sell us as important. Even if things get scary and difficult at times, I would never ever go bck to a normal life again.

About 6 years ago, I was boarding with people I didn’t like. I had a shit car, only worked casually so never had a lot of money, had no education since high school (I was 28) and had no real idea what I was doing with life.

Back then I didn’t know about magic, but knew of soul travel, Robert Bruce and William Buhlman and they wrote about making vocal affirmations, in the present tense, to really shape reality to how you want. They were saying that your affirmation/idea becomes real on a mental level, then on the astral before solidifying in the physical… or something like that. EA also speaks of this.

Anyway, I wrote down where I wanted to be in 5 years or so, listed everything I wanted, then constantly vocalised that I had these things, constantly wrote them down, and had the general mindset that this was what reality was going to be like… no question about it.

So in the 5 years, I went from casual employee to full time, from a shit car to a new one, boarding with idiots to buying my first… then second house, I am now a manager, I got into university and studied nights now have a bachelor degree… I cannot evoke spirits, I can’t see them on demand, Im pretty shit when it comes to the TG sync, but the one skill Im good at is manifesting things. So its awesome to look back and see what Ive done since I started all those years ago.

I manifested a few more things which I wont list, they are pretty dodgy and I have a sneaking suspicion someone I know may be on here just to see what I post… so gotta be careful.