Time for justice! Any suggestions?

Hello again so I am almost ready to start but I would like to know your opinions. My story is really big…ten years relationship ended because of his mother ( I wasn’t enough for her) and she is able to manipulate him to do what she wants. I was the one who made him rich ,I was always there for him when he had problems. I lost money and my health and of cousre ten years from my life. The guy is now engaged with a girl that his mother wants. They even had a party at a place that our engagement was supposed to happen. The first thing I want to do is to make his mother change her mind about the girl, and make them fight. So I am thinking to work with Orias what do you think? Thanks in adnance!


Call upon Asmodeus I suggest

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@thank you for your reply!

Any other suggestions? I believe Asmodeus is powerful and not the best choice for a begginer…Am I wrong?