Time between evocations and workings

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A week ago I worked during day and in the evening (mostly I only work on working days, but sometimes I have to work an evening to, a week ago it was to much), so this weekend I was very active in picking up mediation and evocation and invocation. I sometimes feel really drained. It brings a lot when you do a lot. How do you guys and girls take your rest and combine this with the other things in life? Is it for example 1 evening meditation and 1 evening rest. Or meditate when it’s getting dark and after that get rest?

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Coffee helps :slight_smile:

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@Fuego, Hehe, I love coffee and a sigar ;-). But man I did my workings at 6 in the morning and I slept for hours during both days in the weekend. Yes it’s because of the busy week, but that’s not all. It was the evocations to.

I perform middle pillar ritual, before core working, sometimes after. Grounding also help.

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Thank you @Seraph for the tips!

I prefer doing short-ish periods when they fit in, so I’ll look at my schedules for the day and add in taking a break here and there, for example 3 - 7m while cooking in the kitchen, works great and helps me be rested and clear-minded before eating.

And I have the timer on to avoid burned food and also so the toddler inside my mind can’t start whining at me about how long I intend to observe ,rather than interact with, random thoughts. :yum:

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@Lady_Eva I noticed that take your focus to something else helps. Thank you.

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