Time before the Moon?

well i just stumbled upon this

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RinV3XBVYtE]- YouTube

if you’re in the mood, watch it. and if you have opinion or “knowing”, please discuss. BALG is a thinktank for this stuff :slight_smile:

there are plenty of outrageous claims which kindle my occult knickers… like

on 3:00, where he said that the moon creates artificial light (at the end of the tunnel) drawing us to be recycled.
this kinda makes me happy, since i deal with black magic and all (no need to go into the light :D)

and another thing… menstrual blood - red yin juice?

somebody bitchslap me.

i’m done playing games. i hate everybody and everything. this is the first time a heard about drinking menstrual blood. but for sure i’ve red dozens of times how a magician must avoid sleeping with menstruating woman, lest he becomes UNCLEAN. (good think i’m an Adversary incarnate so i sleep with menstruating women on purpose… but that’s just for the kicks, not for occult aplication)

somebody step in and explain to me what i need to know. i’m tired of not knowing this stuff.

and you female witches… don’t be shy. do you use your menstrual blood in magic? do you drink it? mix it with wine? do you make it ritualy special, or you just take your red yin juice when it’s “on stock”?


in my UPG, which is the center of my praxis, i understand that there is

MAHAMAYA - The Grand Illusion
Our Great Goddess Queen
The Mother of All Witches
First Dragon of The Void

and within that is yet another illusion, which is of YHVH
(it’s my shortcut to this patriarchal (yang) mode of reasoning and experiencing unreality)

by destroying YHVH, and establishing The Adversary, the smaller illusion dissolves and you dwell between the worlds, able to experience both MAHAMAYA and the True Reality in the same time.

it is a state of understanding the Self as NO-Self, being of the Void, and not of the World, where the Eternal dance (Shivalila) plays out. It is a state of knowing you’re own STATIC - not moving and eternal nature, while experiencing MATTER, our Great Mother moving around you, an infinitely small, not moving point of unreality.

so i believe that, before flood, in the time of Atlantis, there was no YHVH as an obstructing construct standing between YOU and the Ultimate Reality.

if that was the case, then it would be easy to presume that consious organisms who knew the Void created the Heaven on Earth. (or not creating it but just taking part in it - not changing it like humans do today)

MAHAMAYA herself is not a problem, actually. i don’t know why so many spiritualists think that the Grand Illusion is something you must dissolve.
(as she IS that what dissolves)

the Grand Illusion is our Mother. we should all know that.

the Conscious organism, awakened organism, the Buddha, enjoys MAHAMAYA in all her glory.

oh it’s also possible that humans just kinda dropped in consciousness as our Sun traveled away from Sirius, so over time and generations people developed a fear from the Void and installed a YHVH type construct to “protect” them from THE GAPING MONSTER OF NOTHIGNESS

so this latter scenario doesn’t need archons and stuff (no real slavers) to keep the people in check, and it’s a natural process of shifting yugas.

i’m totally open for discussion so please contact me or write what you think in this topic.

Every perspective has its own view of things but at the most simple observation I see it as the void is what always has been and always will be because it is the absence of reality. Reality is the illusion illuminated by knowledge and made visible by conscious observation. Each person lives in his/her own universe and the vast majority of our universes are shared with others that are co creators in our reality as we take inspiration from others and they take inspiration from us. We collectively create the "agreed upon " hard reality of matter then the soft reality of ideas is when the light hits the prism and expands into all it’s colors, such as cultures, opinions, political, religion, etc.
This song is by a band named after the river in hell. Today they would be tried for treason for writing a song like this probably executed too because of its deep truths. [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW8TlrYhBxk]Styx- The grand illusion + lyrics - YouTube