Time as an occult concept

What would time represent in the occult? My apologies but it’s one of few symbols/concepts I understand.


That’s a great question, and I hope to see some replies, too. I’ve been told time time only exists because we believe it does, or it’s only relevant in this dimension, all kinds of stuff. I believe time does not exist in the matrix, but it sure is a difficult concept to absorb, even when we try.

Time? That’s interesting because not many myths actually acknowledge time. Time doesn’t really exist until there’s something to exist upon. The element don’t have time. There’s no really of time until matter comes into play. Everything that has an event horzion has time. Deities don’t experience time but more of just exist in a loop of self. Like being in your own planet/world of your imagination always. Nothing changes much. Time-space, or time-matter, are one one “thing”. Time is a hologram. A multiverse. All moving at different speeds. Two people can soul project and see two similar but different environments acting, or becoming. Just like in the physical when two people describe the same events a bit differently.

   To me time is a form of context. I experienced loss, but it happened years ago. That time context means a lot in respect to how the loss affects me. We had a fight a week ago vs we will have a fight when she gets home; they each have very different affects on our emotions. I will win the lottery in 5 years. There's a world war in the 1940s. Alaska is uninhabited by humans in 5 billion BC. These are all events and situations that are not themselves affected by the concept of time, but the effect they have on the observer is profoundly influenced by time.
     That being said, if time isn't a concept that exists in the astral/spirit world/4th dimension, what does our dimension look like to them? Is it a mass of everything happening simultaneously? Is it the end of our existence frozen in time? Or do they see our space as we see theirs, a diffent picture emerging each time they poke their head in? Or can they choose to pop in at whatever time they wish? Do they even truly understand our world?
       One of my theories is that each time a magician or group does magic that calls upon an entity, that entity is presented with a "portal" like the wardrobe in Narnia. The portal is to whatever time and place the magician exists in. They can suddenly see in, and pass through, undergoing a change (like the kids in Narnia did somewhat) as they do. They can see the immediate situation, and understand whatever it is that the magician desires of them, then choose to stay or leave. When they return to their world, its just as they left it. So they really have no clue what's going on here, unless and until a portal is provided for them.