Time and our God Form

I didn’t know exactly where to put this thread, it has a lot of philosophical references.
I was reading H.P. Lovecraft, the tale where someone called Christopher Carter has been a lot of personalities, and the most powerful being at the same time.
He was talking to himself without knowing it, and himself in the form of God of Gods, told him that time is an illusione… there is no before, now and after and this philosophy may turn out to be true for some scientist and me myself being an appasionate of physic, can agree a little but just when mass is extremely big or extremely little.
The question is, subtle realms don’t perceive time as we do, is there a chance I can get to encounter my “final” (just let me tell “final”) God form and maybe summoning him?
I know this may sound fantasy but I feel I’m not wrong but I want to hear your opinions about this, thank you all in advance

(my english may sound bad, not my native language)

A ship leaves a harbor towards a destination.
The ship leaves a wake on its path.
An analytical mind can see the wakes and discover the direction of the ship.

The illusion is getting lost in the wakes as one could wrongly conclude that the wake is moving the ship; why fool, it is the captain what decides where the ship moves!

Did you arrive to the grocery store because you got in your car? Or did you get in your car because you are going to be at the Grocery store. Illusions, Illusions. The difference between future and past is the certainty, and even after a while the past is not as certain as it once was (like the wakes).

The present drives the future and the past (as both really really are illusions).

You are the God form pretending it is not. The little toe is still part of you just as you are to the Godform


Never thought it that way, thank you for your response

Do you work with a God of your own creation or a God of the common lores of the world? that’s what a godform is, you immersing yourself in the energy of a God and taking on their traits and associations, if not then you do not have a Godform.

I assume you mean something else? such as your own soul/true self?


You will shine like the sun but you won’t see your god form until you are born again at the 2nd coming of the One who the Source sent. How many people get to see kings & queens anytime they want, how much more your god form but with the Source, it’s possible?

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This term “godform” as one word comes from Hermetics, I think? My impression is the OP is not relating to that current, or any other currents versions of it even, and the semantic relationship is coincidental.
As I read it, he means he means, as noted, his “higher self” also called “true” self, god self, samsaric self (?) etc.

Yes absolutely. I’ll just called it Self with a capital S for now.
I will way, remember, your higher self isn’t human. It may present to you a form that it thinks will help you understand it best, but it will be symbolic and you’ll have to interpret it. Symbolism maybe in what it’s wearing, what animal or thing it looks like, it may look like a bunch of things, it might have sound or other senses involved in the experience as well.

You can build an alter to your Self as well. You can also find out your Self has it’s own higher Self as these things ime can have lineages. But I would say your direct Self, the one that chose to incarnate as human, is the one you want to talk to.

Personally I experience mine as just a big ball of golden energy, there’s nothing about it that cares about things like gravity or environmental adaptation, but it can look like anything I ask it to.

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Sorry for responding late but college is very stressful sometimes, and more often… I got every single response and resolved a big issue (and a curiosity) of mine, thank you all