Time and magick?

I am watching something on planetary magick. In it the guy said that time is more of a mental construct than anything else. That there is really no time, we just perceive it that way. So why would time break things down? In terms of decay.

I can see why using Jupiter’s day and Mercury’s hour would be beneficial for certain magick. We believe it will work, so it does, Also, I think magick kind of forms paths, so if everybody else is doing it the Universe knows what we want and finds it easy to deliver it.

But why is my body older and won’t jump out of bed ready to go in the morning like it did when I was 20.
I am trying to get a grasp on the laws of magick/hermetic principles. I can’t figure out how this might be so I cannot figure out how I might be able to use it.

I recently had a breakthrough, I think with Raziel’s help, on the interconnectedness of all things. That breakthrough changed a lot of things, but mostly it changed my faith in the process and now my magick is better because I believe with more conviction.

So I am wondering if I am missing something with time that might be a big help.

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May you elaborate?

Breakthrough may have been too strong of a word. I just was able to see and use interconnectedness as real, instead of just a concept. So it is much easier to apply with conviction. Maybe it was more of just an “aha” moment.


Time doesn’t cause decay. Things just progress from a state of order towards chaos. That is the natural way of things, and time is just a way to ‘map’ it. I think.
But that’s probably not what you mean.

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The Reiki guys say they can send “healing” back in time or to the “future”. I don’t understand how time works. But magickians are always saying only “true” knowledge comes from experience. But I definately experience time.
So is it real for me but not for the rest of the Universe?

Is there a principle I can read up on and come back with some more actionable questions. I realize my first question was pretty broad.

It’s usually people who try to sound interesting that say that time doesn’t exist.
I compared it to distance once.
The metric system only exists because someone thought it up to measure the.physical distance between points.
Time (seconds, hours et cetera) is just like that. To me.
Yes, it’s ‘made up’, but it is done to describe the distance between events.
I experience time. In the same way you do I assume.


I like that. It works for me.
The Universe seems to agree with you too because little things like seasons and and low and high tides with the oceans, they move in a orderly manner and they are consistent. The Universe also has things like Sun cycles and Lunar cycles. and probably a lot of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

Perhaps they mean it is only applicable to 3 dimensional things. Or maybe the Reiki guys can send energy back in time because they do it on the Astral Plane. Is there time on the Astral?

Thank for responding.

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(I apologize for maybe annoying length or arguable content).

There are only some places people or groups and paths I’ve heard of who believed in time being as you said a mental construct that we can be freed from the illusion of (more than simple intellectually or Faithfully). Some eastern near modern paths for example. Sant mat which has things in common with sikhism, though they can argue their system and beliefs have been throughout but not recognized as certain ones or places, certain gurus, gnostics, philosophers, buddhas, pharaohs, and or other Famed and unknown ones. Which some can argue is totally unbelievable or just stealing from other places but they do sometimes provide good examples of why/where. But theres a lot of stuff that’s hard to believe with all this esoteric cosmology so, also they don’t ask to believe (at least one I’ve learned from) just do the practice as is at ones best and see its quality oneself.

The Astral Would be considered to have time still in their belief system, though extended, and so beings or that part of ourselves of that region is generally considered to last at least some times our normal life span before it starts to decay, and The Mental level ones some times more beyond that, but noting the astral and the mental work in conjunction for our ideal physical, so all are typically used when awake, though lacking full clarity and ability.

They can also have some beliefs like a part or parts of our true selves and regions are above or outside of time and dissolution or grand dissolution, and that each preceding, higher or more sourcing parts have less illusion, but at points between non illusion and illusion, various obstacles that tend to stop people or seem cool but not be Productive or Ideally effective. They tend to believe mainly there’s stuff at the mental level and or astral level blocking or fettering us from knowing and having maximum ability and assistance, and because its complexity and how it exists and acts, they think it requires experience of certain meditation with light, perception, and abstract vibratory sound, and giving up of certain actions or habits and vices or diets, and connection or initiation from one connected and aware from outside or on top of it not just most of the mental and below, to help burn the stuff up, and so generally believe in offering free initiation and explanation. They say That stuff is the reason for negative vices and action or thoughts, and doing them is clinging to it and keeps us bound in time and the decays or negativities prevalently yet inevitable in it.

Their belief of Par for what to accept for power and knowledge as the best is pretty high and unique even amidst what many’ll say sounds crazy, compared to a lot of carried common versions of groups people or paths/systems, unlike a lot who just say to keep along and to Better not do other things even if one has nothing, or ask to become reclusive or think of everyone or entities as evil or dangerous, which is hard in the modern day imo.

Its also only path/system or group of I know that believes in outside of time, or Definite illusion of time, ascention or apothoesis or samadhi (interchangeable for them about, just not about lower forms of projection with them), and belief in magick, powers, various entities and gods.

I hope anything in it directly or from searches related could help in pieces or point to more possibly.
I think varying perspectives of paths from across time are good those we don’t trust fully and those more, there’s not Really many if any resources in this study all trustworthy without research, and its not like there’s Endless seeming old to ancient resources or systems imo, only a decent amount.

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It’s called energy influence of the planets. There is magnetic energy around us. Different planet have different energy. I’m sure you feel different in different moon phases. It’s natural laws of the universe.
THe sun and moon have such high influence over water. The tides. etc… We are mainly water so energy affects us.

THe guy don’t know anything. This is talking about planet energy influence not time. There’s a difference. Time is man made but planet is not manmade. It’s nature. When your working with the planet hours, your not working with time. Your working with the energy of the planet by way of using time to calculate the planet’s energy. He seem to misunderstand that part. And that’s a HUGE part in terms of “planetary” magick since it’s in the description. It’s planet magick , not time magick.


So like I said, to measure the distance between two events. The ‘event’ of the planet’s energy starting to take its strongest effect and the event of the planet’s energy reaching the lowest effect of its energy.

He brought up sending energy back or forward in time through Reiki. I don’t know anything about Reiki, maybe you can answer him on that?

So many questions on time travel lately and time.

Time is energy and an aspect of Consciousness, yes you can manipulate time, Time is also considered the 4th dimension

Now is the time. One and only, second to none, above all… Current, see?

what? :joy:

not you @Yazata. The first post that quote the guy on youtube video about planet time being irrelevant.

As for reiki , I wouldn’t put much trust in that system as it’s turn into a cult of fast food training that isn’t grounded in actual practice. Too much fluff. I don’t think one can be a master in 2 days of tuning from another practitioner. There belief structure of the system is kinda nonsensical. No one can master in 2 days what several yrs of actual energy work training of meditation/hands on energy practice does. You can’t just download energy skills just cuz someone write symbols on your body and energize top of head with hands on. lol. It’s western learner taking the origin from japan and fast food it. The core origin require daily meditation and at least a yr of training to even get to level 1. Now everyone is master in 3 weekends of up to level 3. It’s really a joke. And many will fight me on this too. Saying you can be master in 3 weekends. lol. That’s just my view and logic common sense. The people have lots of weird ideas. Not saying all but majority. Following the blind mice. haha. I meet people who do reiki and there are genuine ones who says they need yrs to even go up one level. This is them saying it with objective observation of their own skills. They agree you can’t just download skills of energy in one weekend. It’s the fault of big money that turn this healing system corrupt with no quality control. Then there are those who think they can go up levels in few weeks. Who do i trust more with the skill? So that’s my view base on the business structure of reiki. I look at essence of system not what is told. I go to the origin history. Too many branch off that original system to be a cashcow. Again this is my view and opinion base on logic. And i’ve done my research on reiki. Anything energy healing related i do research as i do energy cultivation for decades.

Reiki believe in distant healing so i’m not suprise they talk about time travel and stuff. There’s no validity to it. Lots of misinformation in the reiki system. It’s no longer from the original source. Lots of made up stuff to be different lineage. Lots of brainwashing in reiki. there’s too many untruths and belief is higher energy power of so called ‘reiki’ that have own intelligence to heal with whatever illness. Don’t that just sound crazy to you? haha. Not taking responsible for one’s work. Brainwashing that one is just a conduit that have no will to move energy. It’s giving power to a higher being. etc… :man_shrugging: that’s the new teaching of reiki not the original source.

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I know it’s not the main idea of OP, but let me touch on time travel.
In my opinion the amount of energy and power simply is NOT available to us. Any of us.
Say you want to go back to an event and change one tiny detail.
Okay, cool.
Imagine you change the tiny detail but 3 people were effected by the original happening. This in turn effects their interactions with other people, which influences their interactions with other people, so on and so on.
To change your interpretation of an event you would have to change literally everyone else’s who was influenced by that.
Extrapolate from those three people, and everyone they interacted with, on down the line.
You’re potentially messing with millions of people.
A tremendous undertaking.
I just don’t believe that’s attainable.

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There’s an article by the Gallery of Magick that touches on this subject here.

In essence, you can think of reality as a collection of processes or situations in various states of being. They each have a beginning point, the middle ground, and then the end. Without magick, each situation would progress as normal. With magick, time is accelerated such that the process unfolds more quickly than it would if not acted upon in this way.