TikToks Manifestation

So for those who don’t know today is the day that supposedly a ton of people on the app TikTok have wished for a manifestation to occur. They wish for a person in power to be dead. Regardless of all politics around it, could this even happen? Could a bunch of people trying to will something to happen make it actually occur, especially something as large as the death of a person in power?


Group manifestation does have power to it but eeeh tiktok is mostly jokes so it’s unlikely these people are putting any real desire into it to a point of being classified as a legitimate manifestation.

And since we can’t get much into politics here that’s about as far as I can really go on that.


I am going to back you up on this one. The ones that do these kids of things are really anything more then people buying candles and lighting them and making wises. I am in some serious FB groups and even then it’s really hard to manifest something because not everyone is on the same level Of commitment for said reason.


People in power have their own protection.

Spells work best if someone is personally affected by the person they are preforming the spell on.

I think a lot of it is energy vampires convincing young witches do these spells.


Is this the same group of morons that wanted to curse the moon? :rofl:

Yeah, doubtful they accomplished anything.


I recall reading somewhere that many celebrities and politicians have magick protection on them and some powerful protection at that.

the whole witchtok just sounds like kids and new agers finding a “exciting new platform” to act “woke”


There was this one Japanese celebrity (famous for making anime) had djinn around her thought it was ironic given the anime/manga she wrote/illustrated. Me and a friend scanned her some years ago.

These spirits don’t give a fuck about some baby witch wanting to kill a politician and neither does the universe . I know 4 facts some of these spirits get MASS offerings from these people in power just for the simple trade of protection and power. No way the spirit will let anybody touch em when they are getting offerings and worship in a way most people can’t afford to do. Plus a lot of these people are highly connected. If these people in power aren’t doing the work themselves they are hiring the most powerful sorcerers to do it for them.

Do people in power really do that? I would think that they believe magic and similar is just a hoax and isn’t real.

It’s more of just a general populace belief around these parts that people in power also dip into occult, personally I don’t really believe it to the same degree but eh. But I suppose belief can fuel it.