Tiktok for serious black magick?

I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts on using Tiktok as a platform to promote, share content and learn black magick. I’ve deleted all social media recently but have considered looking at this platform. Is it all baby witches, light, love and bunny ear filters?


Well, I don’t use TikTok that much but I know Conner is in there.

Maybe @Angelb1083 might have some more valuable information than I do? Any input Angel?


VK Jehannum also posts on Tiktok. It’s mostly sort of like satire or humour. :slight_smile:


I use it for education stuff yes. I use all social media for marketing. I use TikTok more for the BDSM education though. @C.Kendall as @N.M.Ginnarr said has good base there but he also only uses it for LHP education. We both have more success with business on Facebook pages. I have used Facebook for marketing for years now.

Edit to add: there is a lot of drama on there. They are band happy too. I am on my third account since they don’t want facts and truth.

So if you do it back up everything and be ready for drama, reporting and bans.


might work for establishing a base with a younger audience, like the gram. just know it is on the verge of being looked at more closely too


Given that tiktok is owned by China and saves the unique IMEI number from your phone, which uniquely identifies you by that device, I have severe privacy concerns about tiktok and would never download it and I would strongly recommend nobody does.

There’s been some good content I’ve seen (not about magick) that was good enough to be shared on real platforms. But no, nobody I’ve seen doing magick on tiktok has been skilled, educated or more than a larper… in the the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

There’s not many of those and that makes people who don’t know a lot very bolshy and overconfident with what’s basically UPG. Childish behaviour, short video clips and emotional incontinence make the place not really for serious students.

Connor got in there to try to teach but apart from him it’s the blind leading the blind. It’s a cesspit and I want nothing to do with it.


Tiktok introduced me to the concepts of LHP and the idea of modern witchcraft, which eventually led me to this forum. So, I can’t say it’s a bad idea to promote truth and honesty there.

However, the community on that app is messy and prone to unnecessary drama. It is mostly a younger audience (12ish-27ish?) and there is A LOT of immaturity within the more magick-aligned community. As well as clique-ish behavior and dogpiling for anything seemingly “problematic”. I say that term loosely, but it is a hot word to use for more morally questionable styles of magick.

It would be nice to see more genuine LHP/black magick beyond the “hex your ex-boyfriend” content, so take to it as you will and good luck.


This made me think of the one time they were like “let’s curse the moon” and then like “oh Artemis was wounded really bad” no no she wasn’t :joy:

It’s a lot of larping and very little real Magick. So many unsafe things on there so I really gave up on the witchtok side of things.


Tik tok is not good for occult learning, go old school and buy books


How the mighty have fallen!

US government members are not allowed to download it. Don’t know the exact ban on the app but certain agencies are forbidden from installing it. Cyber pandemic will be the next Covid tier happening


It’s basically Chinese spy wear, US government employees aren’t allowed to download it.

I deleted it after finding out about the privacy issues.

Social media in general isn’t great except for marketing, memes, and the occasional YouTube video.

But I can honestly say most time on social media is a wasted. I’ve deleted all social media and feel much better. I use YouTube but I only follow quality content creators unless I’m just looking to have a good laugh.


Unfortunately no. There was a period that had some good stuff there, but most of the serious occultists have either stopped using the app, or have greatly reduced their content. But even in the good days, most of the occultists there are either not serious or just want an ego boost. They dont want to learn, they just want to fill their emotional gap. Plus the misinformation is insane. All the practices are closed according to tiktok. God I could rant all night against tiktok.
TL:DR: Dont take occult tiktok seriously.

Since they removed the dislike count, my relationship with Youtube has plummeted. If I ever make videos, I will be posting them to BitChute. As of now, I am considering other available platforms. I don’t really care about money and the subscriber count. It would be a pleseaure to entertain 193 people with weekly uploads and not make a penny from doing it.

Deleted. Thanks guys for the heads up :ok_hand:

I"m on TikTok and never had a problem with it. I do however come across alot of card and pendulum readers.

Hey they fixed it and there’s a class action lawsuit you could get between $.93-$400 depending on the state you live in :joy:

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I don’t have TikTok never bothered. Seriously though unless you have a government job working with important or classified stuff or similar in business or tech industry unless you have done job like that what’s the worst that could happen? Are they gonna use it to find witches to kidnap so they can force them to do magick or something? (Only half joking on the kidnap bit). So like if you don’t have a important job what’s all the fuss about?

Add: not like they’d need TikTok to find witches. Like almost a billion shops pop in google all they’d have to do is search then order something for pickup from one of those shops then go and do the kidnap bit. So it’s not like they need TikTok to do that.


I open myself to meet who I need to meet on different social media platforms.

I’ve found the most amazing and most horrible on Twitter.

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VK Jehannum was there but he stopped uploading. He says people there are lazy and ever since US companies got to control tictok his content got less and less views.