Tidbit on domestic house cats

Bastet, goddess of domesticated cats… Her divine essence is in every single cat, in my opinion. Think of the cats as little gods. They have profound wisdom and psychic power. They often will alert you to enemies and other things you should know about. To have decent communication with them, offerings or constant contact with Bastet helps. Barbatos can also significantly aid in everything mentioned in this post as well.
So… Fill yourself with heart chakra energy, vibrate YAM. Do this for a while. Now step into the etheric field of your most beloved cat. See how the fields of energy overlap almost like a spherical Venn Diagram. If you want information from them simply ask and allow the cat to inspire your thoughts. Try to trade with them, trade them a treat for this information or whatever else is applicable. Having them close to you helps as well but is not necessary. They can even inform you as to when packages have arrived to the house!
One last little tidbit, I’ve noticed all spiritual activities involving your house pets grow when you name them after a patron of them. Such as naming your cat Bastet help significantly.


Thank you!