Tidbit on discovering spiritual allies

Quite a long time ago, i was doing a curse from someone… The person I was sent to curse, really deserved it. I dug deep this time. I said something along the lines of “All allies that hear my calls and will aid in my intent show yourselves now!” Now when I said “ALL” allies, they took that literally… All the allies from all past lives and other places starting swarming around me.
One of them stood out the most. He was a large four legged shadow that stood over me, waiting patiently. This one REALLY caught my attention, I asked for his name, in a deep low growl I could hear it. When I had first started my journey I had always felt this being around me, whenever I asked for a name I couldn’t make it out. It was a strange name to me at the time, so I had written it off. Going back now, I can see it all makes sense. Hindsight is 20/20.