Tiberius's Concoctions

Okay, so to help keep my other journal slightly (emphasizing the word) less chaotic, I thought I would create another journal for some of the more miscellaneous aspects. Here you will find any wash, incense, powder, tea, and other recipes I use in my own practice. If I have not used it myself, it will not be found here. But that does not mean that they are the only way to create these…well concoctions. I am still learning as well, but i thought it would be cool to throw my stuff out there for anyone looking to experiment. Sorry for my rambling, hope you enjoy!


Blessed Water

Blessed water is essentially holy water. There are many, many different ways to make this so I am going to share how my grandmother made it as well as my method.

My grandmother tend to move quite a bit after her father’s family farm was sold so she decided to learn how to make her own so she did not have to rely on finding a Catholic church. In order to do this, she would crush together cedar and rosemary leaves (a way she tipped her hat to both her Irish and Cherokee ancestors). While she would use a pestle for part of it, she did emphasize the importance of working with your hands (so she would use both methods interchangeably).

While doing this, she would pray to the grandparents of the plants, her ancestors, and any saints she felt were needed for whatever she was planning on using the water for. She would make the sign of the cross over the plants to further bless them, as a way to give something back to the plants who are helping her. When the plants where crushed to her satisfaction, she would then pour in the water (tap is fine) and mix in the herbs with her hands, working them and praying as she went. She would also mix in a bit of sea salt.

When finished, she would then pour it into a pot and heat it on the stove on low just before a simmer. She would then turn off the stove and let it steep for about 15 minutes. This would allow the essence of the plants to infuse in the water (essentially making a tea, although i would not advise consuming it). Then strain out the plant material and using the liquid in whatever fashion you would, such as for bathes, altar cleansing, home blessings, etc.

My version of this is a little more complex, as this recipe came out of need due to the lack of cedar leaves. So I had to use what i had in my incense chest. For mine, you will need:
-about 8 oz. of water (tap is fine)
-sea Salt
-three drops lavendar oil
-three drops tea tree oil
-three drops frankincense oil
-three drops bergamot oil

While you are not working the plants as you would using my grandmother’s method, you can still use prayers to whatever spirit you have a relationship to as you mix each oil into the water. When all the ingredients have been mixed, let it rest for about an hour or longer to allow everything to mingle.

As cheesy as this sounds, it really is about the care you put into making these mixtures. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect (as you will tend to surprise yourself when you devoid from recipes) but make sure your intention and emotion is true while making them. Do not rush yourself, as taking your time helps to empower this simple rite.


Uncrossing Wash #1

This is used to remove magick against you, negative patterns, streaks of bad luck, and cleansing yourself after cursing. It can be mixed into a bath or used as a wash prior to showering.

-1/3 cup of coffee ( you can use ground if you like. I prefer whole bean so I can physically work with it more)

-1/3 cup of Chamomile

-1/3 cup of Rosemary

-Palo Santo shavings

-about 1/4 cup of sea salt

-blessed water (about half a cup)

-three cups of water (tap is fine)

-2 table spoons of vingear

Grind each herb into a coarse powder individual (the palo santo will be tough so just worry about grinding enough to start to release its scent). Be sure to either pray or push your intention into the herbs as you work with them, so do not be afraid of using your hands with this one. Combine the herbs together with your hands.

Add in the normal water, mixing with your hands, squeezing the herbs gently. Mix in the salt using your hands, followed by the blessed water and vingear (while vingear is used in souring spells, it is also good for cleansings as it rots away the past behavior).

When all the ingredients are mixed, pour into a pot and heat on the stove on low, gently stirring (with a spoon this time, obliviously). Keep it on until it softly simmers. Turn off the stove and remove from the heat to allow it to seep for about 15 minutes to a couple hours. Strain out the herbs and either use immediately or bottle and store in the fridge for a day or two ( be sure to label).


For non-toxic ingestion intended powders, you can use a bit of honey to roll the powder into a ball. That way one can let it rest on the tongue while meditating, or slowly dissolve in the belly. 'Tis the traditional Chinese way of doing things. Thought this may be appropriate to contribute, for interested parties.

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I’m definitely going to have to try the Uncrossing Wash. Thank you for sharing these on the forum @Dralukmun!


That is certainly worth contributing. I will have to give that a try

No problem at all. For the Palo Santo shavings, you will need less than a teaspoon. I found that just running a blade down the corners of the sticks makes crushing them a bit easier.

Good Luck Coffee

To many people, how one starts their day reflects on how things are going to go overall. A little good luck is never something to complain about. As a magician/sorcerer/witch/madman/whatever you wish to call me, magic does come into play in my life beyond my ritual space. This includes the daily task of making coffee, either for myself or my wife. So, here is my recipe for how I like to start my day blending both my magic and culinary interests. This is best done in a french press or pour over method, but it can be done in a drip pot without influencing the magic.

You will need:
-your favorite coffee, whole bean preferred but not necessary
-about a tablespoon of cinnamon (protection and luck, as well as empowering other plants)
-1/2 tablespoon of ginger (health, luck)
-a couple cloves, no more than three (money, luck)
-a teaspoon of nutmeg (luck, opportunities)
-1/2 tablespoon of mint, dried preferred (luck but also to balance the other herbs)
-a bit of your favorite dark or milk chocolate, chopped finely

After the usual kitchen hygiene practices, take your coffee and grind it by hand if you have whole bean. I find using a little at a time if you are using a mortar and pestle helpful, as you won’t get as much of a mess. As you are doing this, focus on any potential obstacles preventing your from having a good day breaking down (I find visualizing brick walls falling down helpful for doing this). You can also talk to the “grandparent” spirit of the coffee plant to help remove obstacles if you would rather go that method. If you are using a french press, a course grind will be more than enough.

Set the coffee aside in a bowl. If you are using whole spices, grind them individually, focusing on the plants drawing luck towards you (as I mentioned with the coffee, I prefer to go to the grandparent or elder spirits of plants to ask for aid. This is not only to help bring life to the dried plant material but help maintain my relations. That just my method, completely up to you). Crush the mint the same way. Mix the spices and mint together using your hands, really working with them as you push the intention of “good luck” or “a good day” into the plants. When finished, combine with the coffee the same way and brew however you prefer. When the coffee is done, add the chocolate at the bottom of your mug and mix however you prefer. Then just enjoy the coffee and the rest of your day.

A less magical tip: a bit of unsalted butter added before brewing helps to slow down the caffeine absorption, allowing that good, awake feeling to last longer.


War Water

This is a classic ingredient that can be use for protection or hex work. It involves the use of iron (usually in the form of steel) that has been extracted in water, creating iron oxide (aka rust). To increase the efficiency of the iron, be sure to take the time to pour your intention into the metal before making the water. Because of the rust and bits of metal that will be present, I advise wearing gloves when using it.

For the base, you will need:
Two jars
Some nails (box nails will do, you will need enough to create an inch or two layer at the bottom of the jar. Be sure they do not have any sort of coating on them)
Enough water to cover the nails

Add the nails and water into the first jar and store until the water turns color from the rust. You can shake it up to help speed up the oxidation. I have found it takes about three weeks to make. Drain the water out into the second jar and save the nails for the next batch.

To alter it for protection, you can add:
-ground egg shells
-Dragon’s blood resin
-brick dust
-Graveyard Soil from a police officer or a serviceman

To alter it for baneful work, you can add:
-Belladonna (I would add it towards the end)
-Yew Branches (same as Belladonna)
-Graveyard Soil from a murderer if you can find it

How I use it:

Protection- Due to the rust and metal shavings in the water, I do not wear the water for the obvious reasons. Instead, I will pour it around the property of those who I want to protect. If the individual lives in an apartment, I will create a jar spell to protect the individual and have them store it under the sink or somewhere we children or animals will not get into it.

Baneful- I will usually add this to vinegar jars when I need to break up onions between two enemies to destroy them individually. I will also use this to pour over coffin or tongue curses if I want to be done with the enemy for good towards the end of the working as a final kick before burying it.


Money Oil

Olive oil
Dragon’s Blood Resin (loosely crushed)
One part dried mint or 10 drops of Mint Essential Oil
1-2 Cinnamon sticks or 10 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil
1 part Frankincense (loosely crushed) or 10 drops essential oil
4 bay leaves

In a sanitized jar, take the ingredients (if they are not essential oil) in your hand one by one. With each one, take some time to push your desire for money to come your way into the ingredient. Visualize gold flowing out of each ingredient, as if it was dripping with wealth.* Take your time and once all the other ingredients are in the jar, add the olive oil. Filling the jar would be ideal, as the ingredients will stick to the side of the jar if you do not. Keep out of sunlight and shake once a day for about a month. Strain and use to anoint your wallet, cash, shoes, or anything you feel will help bring money to you.

*In the case of essential oils, you can visualize the oil as being drops of gold being added to the jar. Handling essential oils undiluted can lead to burns or skin irritation, which is why the base oil (in this case olive oil) is included.


Can I substitute peppermint oil for the mint oil?

Actually, peppermint was exactly what I used. Thank you for pointing that out so I can correct it

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Huzzah YAY I was helpful :laughing:

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Ok so I have 6 wheatie pennies (all are worth at least .25 cents each) a mercury dime from 1900 (i picked it because it increased in value by 500% so its worth like $5 now) 2 Kennedy half dollars, my graduation gold ring (that lost its opal but still has the blood rubies in it) 2 gold dollars, a large piece of pyrite, a chunk of natural raw copper in the shape of a horse shoe, dragons blood resin, frankincense resin, peppermint oil, cinnamon sticks, and olive oil. Gonna turn this into some liquid gold money maker :blush: exciting!


@Dralukmun is that all or can I expect more tricks from your sleeve? :nerd_face::blush:

I will be adding more in the future lol I have just been pretty busy lately


That is not something I have used before, but I can see it being useful in a curse jar if you want a target to “choke up” for a period of time much like how bad oil could choke an engine. That could come in handy to turn the tides against someone trying to beat you down and the oil could be disposed of afterwards through a recycling plant.


Ooh, how about some scrapings of carbon from the exhaust pipe, maybe from an old and battered car with emphasis on exhaustion/burned/expelled and other descriptives like “at the tail end of its usefulness” lol.


Worth the experimentation in my eyes :slight_smile:

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Yes, just try not to get it in you’re own eyes because that would be painful :sunglasses:

Come to think of it, if there is mucky black smoke deposits in the pipe then you might find some rust as well, resembling deterioration of something once strong but now weak and decomposing, flaky, brittle and turning into dust :thinking:

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