Tiamat Calls Me

I’m grateful to have found this community as an outlet for talking about this weird journey of mine in the occult.
To preface, I had been watching The Grand Infinity on YouTube, and had seen his evocation/channeling video, as well as his talk with Envoy of the Dragon about Tiamat. I watched 3 Tiamat videos that day. Being a new channel on YouTube I reached out to Joe March and some others to do podcasts with. After talking with Joe (Grand Infinity) I did my LBRP, Middle Pillar, Grounding and Centering, and went to bed, my nightly routine. Keep in mind as you read the following that I had never worked with Tiamat.
As I was dozing off, I felt myself drop in TGS and then felt the feeling I get before astral projection. I didn’t astral project however, but I started seeing what I can only describe as warp speed from Star Wars, where the stars and planets whiz by really fast. It was more of a highway/road warp speed travel. Anyway I came to a stop and a spiral like portal thing began whirling in front of me and out of it came a dragon being with a serpent body, big, big entity. I asked “Who are you and what is this?” It said to me “I am Tiamat. You need to come with me.” The entity then went back into the portal, which then closed. So I was thinking how am I supposed to follow you into a closed fucking portal. I tried to open it, to no avail.
The next night, I did what most of us would. I did an evocation of Tiamat using Asenath Mason’s sigil I found online. She appeared to me in a slightly different form. I asked her if she had come to me the night before and if so what did she want?
She went on to say that she had indeed appeared to me because there was something she wanted to teach me. I had come across her radar if you will, which she explained more formally than that. So I went on questioning, what do you want to teach me, etc. She said it’s much easier to show you than to tell you. I agreed to work with her, and our journey has begun.
I will use this topic to journal what she teaches me. Get in and put your seatbelt on if you wanna come along!


Oh man I saw that. I kind of liked his channel but after that whole deal with the order I have been much more engaged!!


I like his channel a lot. I brought up him because I at first wondered if I was just imaging Tiamat because I’d been watching his stuff that day. Which is why I had to evoke her and ask her.


Wait have you done that pod cast already?

No I haven’t. I’ll be sure to share it when we do if you’re interested.


For sure bro

So since working with Tiamat I’ve started working with demons a lot more, Shemyaza, Azazel, Belial. Could she be pushing me into a dark season? I think so. After doing the Eye of Odin rite from Anthology 3, Odin led me to be connected with Tiamat, who is leading me further into hellfire. It’s funny, I told her I don’t believe in hell. Her response was a chuckle and “Oh you will.” She said the only true path to ascent is trial by fire. Purging. Haven’t I been through enough hell I ask? She shows me myself being consumed in smokeless fire. She says it’s not the metaphorical “going through hell” we humans attribute to tough experiences. It’s an actual astral place, and astral experience. An actual astral flame is actually purging my astral body. As I write this, I see and feel it around me.
Welcome to the ramblings of a mad scientist hell bent on godhood.