Thunderstorms and supercells

Ever since i was old enough to walk, when thunderstorms would come through, it could be relied upon that I would be heading out the door to play and dance. By the time i was 7, I would be shouting to the skies, 'I love you my Gods- thank you for coming to me to give me of your powers and glory"

Nothing has changed, except for my intensity- although during "near misses’ with lightening
i would thank "Them " while feeling the electricity coursing through me, for “laying thier hands upon me and conferring thier blessings and power upon me”.

in the past 4 years or so, as I have read about Ba’al Hadad, and “Adad” i have felt as if He was as much my literal Father as could be- as I lost my dad when I was 3- it was an easy adoption.

Even though i am currently working with Belial; i would like to somehow upgrade my ‘Evokations=Invokations=Workings=Rituals’ during such storms by trying to open my “sanctum” (and when I get my outdoor Temple made") to bringing Belial and if they can get along Father ADAD, to me by ritual incantation .

This week we kick off our Storm Season on Wednesday (Wodens Day) who I would also be happy to Unite with.

If anyone knows any place i can read up-, iread rituals, maybe other Divinities who could be called. I would really appreciate any directions.


As all things in nature have a spirit i would imagine that storms are no different and offer a unique opportunity to contact elementals that are neither air nor water, but something in between.

Thor, Zues and a dozen other gods come to mind. That said, as you have already seen yourself, Storms are wild, unpredictable and dangerous. So are the things that live there. Proceed at your own risk. but by all means proceed.

I will see if i cant pester BALG contributor Jeffery Deuel, The “Bad Boy of Runes” to share his thoughts.

In dealing with the Norse/Teutonic Gods the ritual of Blot or Sumbel is used. It would take too much time in a simple response to get into the depths of meaning behind these rituals. I would suggest starting with a general study of the Blot. Using the outlines found throughout the net. Make these steps personal.

In dealing with Odin specifically one must decide which aspect of the All Father one would like to call upon in Blot. There is over 155 descriptive titles (kennings) for this God alone. Each one of these is titles are aspects of the God’s functions and personality. Lists of Odin’s kennings are also readily available on line.

The Norse Gods are very active in personal possession. When one studies the function of Blot this becomes apparent. As the power of the God is ingested into the physical temple; after their essence is called upon into such liquids as mead. The reason I mention this is it is important to know what one is truly dealing with. So mishaps such as calling the Berserker spirit unintentionally does not happen.

I would be happy to get into this in more depth as questions arrive.