Throwing down Islam

What to do? Redirection of aspirations? Divert from Allah to Bael for example? Hymns to Lucifer as the new and imroved Allah?
Or transmute and devolve it to an Egyptian religion?
What are the keys to any dominant religion, and how can that be diverted or transmuted magically?


Call on a spirit to make the women barren (point one)

I think one thing is to worship all the minor characters as Allah as a major blow for a Muslim. Samael and Baal perhaps? Get the Muslims addicted to drugs, perverse sex and alcohol? Cast a glamor type spell on their holy names to transmute to other infernal names?

That will not do but always give a try…

Unfortunately Islam is protected by the most evil sprits ever existed no not demons at all, but worse
Yes humans .

There are some pastors even Not for the good of us I mean people but mainly for their own interest.

Anyway there are many reason you may see or maybe I may recommend some writers ( ie.Graham Fuller or Bob Baer)

Islam is the best opium; the best one suitable for that mainly stupids masses of ME so they not to create more problems so that they could be easily exploited. All the oil all the money is spent mainly for the West and Islam guarantees tha in a way.

The basic idea is to use what is at your hands already.
Second if you destroy something beforehand replace it witrh something else that will help your cause. ( second one is generally harder)

On the other hand, a global revolution is going at full speed against all religions even Jews support it with the fear of religions that they have tasted many times. For example; in the times when Lucifer was worshipped as God and the Bringer of Light in the Roman Empire; Jews were safer much more than modern times. We know the rest gettos, Spain, Nazis so on and now Muslims Iran etc.

The best spell if anyone can cast is to target the human freedom.
It is about light. Masonry does that in a way.And inded I appreciate their way a lot

Hopefully that fight will somehow end religions in a way at least as we know it as it does already day by day.
yes religion is still mainly supported as no one can attack in direct yet or bear great problems; as church will always defend God (indeed mainly their profit; all the religious leaders are keen to protect their places; It was the same when Jesus was in Jerusalem, their profit ; their gains are above all even God but to be polite we may say they defend God, but does God may need to be defended ever? ) anyway they lose key points one by one. Fortunately for the people as freedom spreads so does the light itself and its beauty.

To sum up, one should find against dogmas, spread the knowledge and give freedom for the desires… All of these are already in demands and sure they will do a lot. The future might be better than today at least with less religions more freedom would yield better results for all.


Step back from this. Best case scenario in your opinion. What would happen if all the Muslims in the world were to change their religion overnight.
If you think terrorist attacks or insurgent movements would stop you’d be mistaken. Especially since most governments and armies as well as the official religious institutions of those countries are supporting western interests to the detriment of their own population.

Interesting that you mentioned masonry Albert Pike himself spoke of nwo plan to have three world wars the last between christianity and islam.


I agree with what was said with freedom. I would start with destroying political correctness and promote freedom of speech, wake the mass’s up who are brainwashed and misinformed by the education system , tv , movies and media. One of the biggest heads of the Hydra is the media, the media is the biggest enemy of humanity. Start, there first and then do some more militant mojo against Islam. Also look for the zionist involvement in Islam. Promote free speech, understand the power structures involved, the a strategy of attack


The Armageddon.

Indeed maybe yes maybe no. But some people are very keen to create that war soonest so that as that war would be fought on their age they hope to see the Messiah second coming

This is beyond me. I mean I neither approve nor disapprove the possibility of such a thing

one last thing, I believe humans are formed by evil and good We are a mix from the start, sure we need both. What is good and what is evil is always subjective on the other hand. But a world where people only goes church no fun no alcohol no lust, would only be a world of robots in my opinion; not humans.

On the other hand religion again as you may read some religious people again invoke war,some for God some for profit again but please see how religion plays a role.

And think how religions is still presented as “good”

No war is good and only the dead have seen the end of war as said by philosophers .

the best if you wanna fight against Islam and any religion is to fight dogmas, oblige people to think -even that is very difficult for some- so they question, once that form gains powers that will break a bone. This would go well against Islam if Islam is the sole enemy but the matter is there is a duality in the world… Do we want to win or to be equal that is the question

One other way is to target woman and use of lust. As lust already there and flesh is weak as you may guess that is an important tool to use. there are many ways ie Use of subliminals, role models psyhcological ways to manipulate and sure wicca and demons .

The results would be a far more less religious and from my point of view a far better world where people asks more and questions their rulers; so things they do will begin to make sense, this sure wont yield heaven but something real and better for the whole world

But again think whether do you want to control them or give 'em a wake up call. Once waken one must be sure that they are and they stay on your side.


I agree, but disagree with the hubris of pacifism , its no longer just a struggle for the religous, pagans and occultists are in danger from Islam even more then they are from Christianity. At least in secular Christianity the worst most of them will tell you is your going to burn in hell, but under non secular Sharia they will chop your head off or stone you to death


You are right and I agree definitely… But a direct assault, creates a front and a front means unifying people against a cause

For example US attack to Cuba to Pigs bay in 1961 . As Che explained after that, even, indeed direct assault have created a more solid government in Cuba, so whole operation have just backfired.

The best way is to divide within. Slow but sure


I’ve also been giving this some thought lately, I’ve realized that attacking muslims isn’t the answer.

the language of ARABIC must die. if the muslim “holy tongue” is poisoned and outright cursed then the religion will follow.

think about it… make the language of this religion be bad luck for anyone who speaks it…make this language a death sentence for those who speak it…make the language tear money and wealth away from those who speak it…

if you kill their language, you kill the religion.


The point is to stop religions based on death, Islam happens to be the fastest growing one, lucky them.
The problem is is that without a big, huge sign, most people are lulled back to sleep.
I guess dismantle from within. Spirits to create love between man and woman, bring back runaway fugitives bound, cause women to undress, destroy high towers, cause earthquakes, etc. Most of which can be done via celestial work, goetia, picatrix, sympathetic magic psychodrama rituals.

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Actually, I’m in line with the holy tongue ideas. I think people should be free to do whatever they wish, but the fanatics that blend in across the globe is the problem. Of all religions and ethnicities. Even the religion peddlers, televangelists, etc. If you follow your book fine, if you add to it or abuse it, then its game on. My opinion anyway. I have no desire to torture innocent people, as I’m not perfect or innocent. But human rights and cultutal norms. Those should not be touched I guess.

I’d say bind the religion peddlers, bring back the runaway fugitives bound, and destroy those who abuse that Holy book, human services system, income, or any other human Rights system. Other than that, I’m good.
Andromalius, a few others coming to mind.

Reading - "What can decay Islam from within?"

Significator - Two of Wands - Lord of Dominion - Mars in Aries - Influence over others, authority, power, dominion, boldness, courage. A corrupt world leader?

Covers him - Seven of Cups - Lord of Illusionary Success - Venus in Scorpio - Promises unfulfilled, illusion, error, deception. Imams and prophets?

Crosses him - Six of Cups - Lord of Pleasure - Sun in Scorpio - Beginning of happiness, pleasure, success, or enjoyment, steady increase. Westernize the near east?

Crowns him - King of Discs - Fire of Earth, 20’ Leo to 20’ Virgo - A Stimulating Force, stimulating and fertilizing energy that causes growth and material gain. Weed market?

Beneath him - Magician - Mercury - Self consciousness, focus, concentration, direction, occult wisdom, skill. Introduce the Illuminati pendant- ring set?

Behind him - Two of Cups - Lord of Love - Venus in Cancer - Pleasure, love, home, marriage, harmony, unity. Division?

Before him - Six of Wands - Lord of Victory - Jupiter in Leo - Gain, victory after strife, pleasure gained by labor, success through energy and perseverance. Pride?

Querent - Five of Swords - Venus in Aquarius - Lord of Defeat - Defeat, loss, failure, trouble, malice, spite, slander. The question?

Environment - Eight of Cups - Lord of Abandoned Success - Saturn in Pisces - Success abandoned, interest declined, indolence in accomplishments. Anger, lust?

Hopes And Fears - Emperor - Aries - Order, rhythm, reason, sight. War, conquest, victory, strife, ambition, realization, development, energy.

Final Outcome - Princess of Discs - Earth of Earth, rules Aries, Taurus, Gemini - Manifesting Force - Force manifesting into physical form, energy acquiring density, energy like that of a lush jungle.

Shadow - Ace of Cups - Spirit of Water - Root of the Powers of Water - Fertility, beauty, productiveness, happiness, pleasure.

For a lot of reasons inherent to Islam, Islam isn’t the problem as its history generally shows. Prior to 1948 America was widely seen as something to be emulated by the populations of the Middle East. Moreover, the weaponry used by ISIS was manufactured elsewhere, just like all of their fleets of motor vehicles - ask Hillary about that supply chain. Another question you could ask is why ISIS big shots where being treated in the best Israeli hospitals.

[Perform a Search for: Simon Elliot isis and look at the photographs.]

Islam and Xtianity have an extremely clever common enemy which pits both against themselves. And that enemy has many experts in paradigm theory and its effective application. Muslims didn’t hate Jews, as the Jewish population of Iran still knows. Iran is full of (wealthy, well placed) Jews and has some of the oldest synagogues. All Iranian Jews are issued at birth with a licence to drink alcohol! Moreover, there’s some Palestinians (with rank) in the IDF.

Rather than wasting our comparatively limited means on a huge monolith of a problem, it may be better to emulate David Myatt and build bridges with Islam against a common and insidious foe because our enemy’s enemy should be our friend. Just a wasted thought.



I think the zionists are the number one enemy, they have they hands in everything and everybodies business, Islam is a secondary problem.

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I did a reading on the current Imam, interesting. Looking at natal charts of Imams right now.

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I’m curious about your opinion between the stark contrast of these two characters?

I disagree. I don’t know much about the so-called Zionists, but even if what you say is true, fanatical Islamists have been waging war on non-believers for centuries, a long time before Zionism.

Aldo Sterone, an expert on the matter, wrote: "At that time, there were no United States of America, no CIA, no Mossad, but DAESH (the Islamic State/ISIL/ISIS) already existed. The Islamic caliphate has always been an official terrorist group ever since the first caliph (Abu Bakr)."

And as you know, Islam is quickly becoming untouchable

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