Through the Eyes of a Seer~ My Journal


My own place to keep my thoughts. Where I can chew on the corpses of my enemies, etc, etc. I mostly ramble and post music, maybe a few spells shrugs and rolls eyes


Are you a Vampire?


a psi vamp? yes.


Vampiric Shield:
its simple to do yet hard to maintain. essentially, you visualize a shield of light, but instead of light, you use this vampiric, translucent tar. this tar encapsulates your barrier and absorbs negative energy. then it gets transmuted into raw energy. energy is always there for the taking… make sure to use it wisely…


‘’ Of Vultures and Vampires~ My Journal ‘’ Like the name.




I like the new profile pic :slight_smile:


thank you, I like yours as well, makes me think of royalty :wink:


Welcome to the vampire lair. If you ever need some vamp advice pm me :wink: .


Death is everywhere. Death stalks us all. Be aware, no matter how young, you have no time.


Just curious. Do you wear Vampire wear?


Do i what?


As in… Cloaks, make-up, contacts. Alittle role playing for doing magickal ritual.


No, that is unnecessary.


It’d be fun though :wink:


I am the :princess:


And I’m the Lord of the underworld :smirk:




The shackles will be broken. I am sovereign and the monster now wears the crown. By Freyja it is so…


Hey @Mr.Vulture, I’m heavily into psychic vamparism, and have been perfecting / utilizing a number of different techniques, including Necromantic vamparism ( have you heard of this practise? ).
A number of different compiling pieces of evidence suggests, that I am born Psy-vampire and all even brand new teachings of vamparism seem to come extremely easy and natural for me, have you read any of V.K.Jahanuum’s essays on vamparism? I think you would find it very use full.

Anyway I’d love to share style / techniques that I am proficient in, if you would like to shsre some back?

Particularly if you have heard of or used necromantic vamparism. …it’s super intense and I’m trying to perfect it in any way possible. Lemme know. Thanks bro.