Throne of King Asmodeus (Hymn)

All rise before king Asmodeus himself!
Carrying a strong title of ‘King among Demons’
King of infernal lust, creature of divine judgement!
Ruler of all Hell’s mighty gambling houses
Overseer of all brothels and lustful intentions
Indulging in all earth’s sinful pleasures
And killing foolish men over love’s touch
Ancient watcher of Persian sands and lands
Plotting your next evil wickedness and disastrous plots!

Hail King Asmodeus!

Behold his powerful infernal glow displaying
Fear and fright upon his first arrival
Feel his fiery breathe devour your feeble soul
Witness all his ungodly powers!
Bath in all his sinful pleasures!
Ask your forbidden questions!
Listen to his truths and wisdom!
Our strong king, the observer and listener
Over human’s thoughts and desires
Seek fit your darkest wish
And find ones answer within!

His form can take ov an angelic angel
Peaceful and approachable
With a light blue glow in his wake
Very patience of all things Asmoday is;
However if angered,
He can twist his godly form;
Into an evil demonic monster!
With otherly creatures beholding many heads!
An unspeakable evil making you tremble with every breathe!
Riding upon a black dragon, serpents ready to kill!
This evil prince is ready to strike!
Ready to devour any for that stands
Between him and his exorcist;

Beast & man have already made a pact
The blood burning its flesh over a fire
The human need of the unknown
The need of lust and love’s touch
Asmoday can provide!
Turning thy virgins innocence
Into helots craving the cum of lust!

My wings flying towards the
North towers of our shores!
Always looking over my followers
With great pride and loyalty!
Amongst my legions are of ‘AMAYMON’
Providing the strength and courage
To carry his commands and deeds.

Govern I do, over 72 Legions of my Infernal army.
My loyalty’s are with you my King Asmoday!
Spreading the Power of Legion
Across Hells kingdoms!!
Unlock the hidden strength within!
Follow us to dine with mighty feasts
Lust filled temples with helots raising hell!
Celebrating our victories over our enemies!

Behold his power of teaching Soloman to build wonders!
Yet let that man suffer for making
US his so called slaves!
I took upon his throne
And sent his mouldy corpse into exile!
Honour the Goetia!
But how dare you to try
and summon us as your servants!
We are Kings!
We are Gods!
Roaming across worlds
Spreading our sigils and sacred energy
To those that seek fit our dark assistance!

Reach me over the suns dawn!
Growing from the enormous sunlight!
My temples are waiting for you!
My halls are open!
We are Legion!
We are Gods!
Make your wish!
Oh shall we be dancing for evermore!

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Atleast Belial said to command him as equals. I dont know what Asmodeus thinks of such philosophy.

Hmm, what do you mean?

Belial once appeared to me and my friend and told us to never worship anyone above ourselves.

Yeah sure, left hand path is all about being your own god right? hence this forum?

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Well I have one about Belial, maybe I’ll post that too.

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