As I was reading through the topics I came across someone’s post that said to call a demon or Lucifer to sit down and have its Symbol drawn on a card, place the card on ur left hand etc etc I want to give you credit but I don’t remember who posted it. Today I tried for first time to follow the instructions, the symbol did flash. I was telling myself black on white will trick your eyes etc then my card moved. Little bit, then little more I told myself ok your not holding flat that it’s sliding off my hand. So I moved it back into position paid attention to not moving my hand at all and …it completely slid off my hand I’m like wow ok I know for fact it wasn’t me. So I talked out loud to whom ever was there told them what I needed help with and thanked them for their time. To most of you this is nothing new but to me it’s the first time ever I tried to make contact. Can’t wait to try again tomorrow. Thanks to the person that made that post🦋