Three unknown Angels damaged me

In the end of 2017 or the early 2018 three Angels sealed my head. It was shown to me. Right after the sealing I was unable to think and unable to visualize. Day dreams were history. Imagination is since then a problem. I’m able to think again since some months now. I think their sigils were removed, at least about two I saw it.

Now I have problems to imagine heavily.
I can’t control inner pictures.

What can be done to cure this?
Are their deities which could help?

I’m trying to astralproject again.
My method was imagining lying counterpart to myself in bed. In 2016 I was nearly out but my imagination is weak since the work of these Angels.

What can be done?

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The first thing I wondered was whether they were trying to damage you or simply force you to learn some lessons that you might have been putting off? I’ve heard accounts of some demonic divine entities that will take away certain gifts/skills/abilities to force lessons to be learned that were being put off or that were being taken for granted. Maybe this is something similar?


It has a bit of a background story.
My Higher Self is speaking in the nights.
I have a few short memories of that.
Before they sealed me I heard about my Higher Self sth. like: “Then I mustn’t think anymore”.

After this I was sealed.

The reason why I ask is I want to be healed and seek ways.

From that post, it sounds like your Higher Self did the sealing, or maybe asked the angels to do it.

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Yes, but my imagination should not be damaged.
I want to annulate the effect. It strains me.

Try this, draw the syllables on white paper, ideally with blue ink, if you cannot visualise at all, ask Raphael to make clear to you the reasons for the seal and how you can progress, and to do so in a mnner you will both recognise (as the message) and understand: