Three spirit healing

Pardon my brevity as I type this by cellphone:

Healing a relative I discovered he hid a subdental cyst for six years that would swell and wane painfully every once in a while, but out of being a penny pincher, he would ignore it. Today it ruptured painlessly and he filled half a sink worth of nasty contents that could have easily become an emergency. The hole in his gums simply sealed shut as if it never was there.

This is how I did, and so can you if u dare believe in yourself:

  1. Worked at night when patient was asleep, both of us in the same house. I closed my eyes and recited internally my power words of choice (mine are Zazas etc, use Koetting’s invocations too).

  2. When I was relaxed I began imagining things, playing with my mind, deeply. That’s visualization. All I imagined was each of the spirits I called entering the house and making their way to my patient’s room

Raphael I imagined exiting one room and going there as his name was being chanted by the whole universe, much like famous people are cheered by a crowd or actors by the audience in some sitcom live recording.

Marbas came in through the main door, walked up the stairs and entered the patient’s room.

Buer did the same by crashing cleanly through the balcony.

All were welcomed by voices chanting their name and thusly solidifying their presence.

  1. I imagined shutting the door behind them before exiting my trance, asuming they should be left to do their work undisturbed as you’d do with a team of surgeons.

  2. Spent the rest of the night watching movies to keep my minfd away from what I just did.

There was no need for candles, seals or enns; just dared to believe myself so powerful that by intensely thinking these powerful spirits coming they would do and work in unison despite their alleged nature. Just because Marbas and Buer are said to be demons doesn’t need to be true.

It helped that I had contacted all these entities before and explained why I want them around. I will repeat the same rite each night for a whole month and post results. Took me 15 minutes all together so it leaves enough space to do more work like candle magick or washing the patient in golden or white light.

I contacted them before by opening their seals respectively, all in the same day, almost three weeks before this rite; doesn’t mean you have to though.

I also purified and exorcised home before this and called Malphas to rise a barrier. Malphas requires no pay because if you do he’ll rip you a new one. He is angry if you reward what he assumes is his duty, and he’ll oblige if you can call on him - easy as he’s friendly if just very serious, like a war veteran.

Hope it helps and I wish u the best. Won’t be answering this thread until monday or so.


Beautiful :slightly_smiling_face: thank you.

This is important I’m glad you added this part. I don’t know the mechanics of it but thinking about something you’ve just done… it’s almost like it overworks it and it falls apart.

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