Three skillsets a magician must master

Greetings everyone. I wonder if anyone can help me with answering my quiery. What are the 3 main skillsets that a magician must master in order to ascend to greatness?

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Focus, vibrating, knowing how to read

None of this = no casting spells

Focus, Energy work, Trance work

In E. A. Koetting’s system there are the three Godlike Powers: Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence, which correspond respectively to divination, evocation and soul travel.
Each one is aided by the previous, and vice versa. At the beginning there’s always entering a state of trance; about scrying, seeing/hearing spirits or experiencing travel outside of body, generally it happens first in your mind then may gradually become more “realistic”.

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I find that a practitioner just needs a solid foundation of their clairs worked out. It’s not three skillset but with the clairs a practitioner will know how to be aware of their energy body, aware of the energy around them and individuals/entities, they’ll be capable of scanning a mimic from a legitimate entity, they’d be able to properly etheric project and not get lost in the plane of imagination, among other thints that splinter from worked out Clairs foundation.

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All that information was great…thank you…I am very sensitive to energy and any form of energy work or meditation makes my energy flow. I can feel the energy of other entities. The only thing I not been able to do as yet is soul travelling. Evocation will be one of the things I will be undertaking in the very near future…I do struggle with visualisation at some point with wandering thoughts popping in every now and the lol