Three sides of magick - Psychological / spiritual / mixed

Three sides of magick

  • psychological / pure spiritual / mixed.

Okay this is a huge debate but I am not posting this to change anyone’s mind or thoughts on something, this is my research and personal experiments and experiences.

Okay so to begin, this is my definition of magick.

" Magick is changing the world and circumstances in accordance to will, magick is the act of using your mind, power, will and focus to manifest a goal, magick is a science in which we can view, experience and change that which both physical and beyond the physical. "

Okay that’s a little summary I guess, anyway I understand in the psychological stand point of magick and spirits.

Now I consider myself a black magician, a spiritual and magickal scientist, among other things.

Now I understand that the psychological system of magick, sees spirits as a template / expression / creation / subconscious aspect.

I understand that most magick tools are just for rousing ones mind and thought to act a certain way and I understand the whole placebo effect.

Now heres where I stand and this isn’t my belief or opinion this is my result of research and experimentation over the course of eleven years.

I believe that spirits exist and some are independent of us, some of them are also manmade spirits.

I do believe that most physical tools are nothing more than props to entertain our minds, but I also believe energy and intent can make these tools perform actual tasks.

See the reason why I believe that spirits exist and aren’t man made is because of my encounters, i’ve experienced poltergeist activity, I have heard physical voices on certain occasions during evocation.

I have been lifted in the air during a ritual it was unintentional, I have had hand prints of other beings on my body.

Spirits have told me time and time again information which I have never known and i’ve even had languages of these spirits that I have never heard.

I have seen future occurrences and they have come true, they defeat the number of times of it being pure coincidence or beating actual chance.

I have seen spirits without calling them, people have walked in on my rituals and seen something there without ever doing magick themselves ( that ends up being a night of me comforting that person :joy: ).

Look what I’m saying is I believe spirits do exist and are more than just a thing that we have created like fictional characters.

But I do agree in certain psychological approaches, as I have said I have seen and experiences miracles.

When I was lifted in the air others were there and they were witnesses, I have had more incredible experiences to say that our minds can’t create all this, if it did then holy shit I am a superhero :joy:.

Look that’s my outlook on it, I am interested in hearing your thoughts remember, no bashing or going crazy over the fact that you have a different outlook on things.

Anyway comment below experiences and thoughts.


Definitely, over time coincidence and chance are ruled out. There have been times where I have heard the voice of my friend speaking to me from across the country, I then go on my phone and confirm the conversation. I think our psychology is how we perceive the world, almost like a filter for magick to pass through. To sum it up, over time chance and pure luck are ruled out. I don’t think magickal experiences are purely psychological nor magickal, I believe they go hand in hand.

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Agreed. We exist so it seems egocentric to think we are the only intelligent creatures in existence.

And then I think about all the space and all the dimensions and all the particles and all the living, conscious frequencies and my head explodes. Existence is so very, very strange.


I agree with both of you.

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I come from the mixed point of view both the mind and spirit definately come into play. I come from traditions where both esoteric and exoteric plays an important role in spirituality and magick.



What future occurance do you/ did you see?



I’ve been racking my brain about this lately. The way human senses are our thought process is so linear. Past present and future so our minds want to rationalize and explain the spirits we see. The experiences we have.

When I hear Belial speak for example is it just a thoughtform created by lifetimes of human conciousness? All of his aspects that were worshipped in early human history. All that energy together. He showed me at any given time the people all over the world that are/have/will evoking him. In the end does it even matter if all those thoughts created beings such as him?

Because whether or not he is a god that just birthed himself or was birthed by man. He is real he is “alive” and he speaks and he feels and he desires. If my thoughts drift from anything but that I feel doubt both in myself and him. And any magick I preform starts to fail.

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I think the psychological aspect of magick came about in the 19th century as a survival mechanism of the craft. However, look at the most powerful, thriving systems out there today. Let’s think Afro-Caribbean magick and Thai sorcery as examples. They think of the spirits as real entities that exist in a separate reality (i.e. The spirit world). Both systems are notorious for their magical potency. I think that’s explanatory to the effectiveness to the spirit model. These beings often times interact with the world as alien (not necessarily extraterrestrial but extradimensional) beings with a sense of logic and morals that are completely foreign to us. We could think of them as egregores but I think this too is untrue for at least some of them. Some of these consciousnesses act with a wisdom and foresight that can only come from a truly ancient being. Simply connect the dots and you’ll see that EA is right. Some of these spirits have been with us from the beginning.