Three Kings Ritual

I’m thinking of the Three Kings Ritual that was popular a few years ago. Pretty sure it can be reverse-engineered for spirit evocation. Just wondering how to go about doing it.


Alright so there will be 2 gates i believe. Been awhile.

Supposed to set up at 11 pm

I suggest cleansing the mirrors before you prepare.

Place 1 chair, your throne, facing north. The other two placed on the left and right of the chair. Swivel them to face the center chair. So the two outter ones face the north facing one.

Put the mirrors on the chairs

Put a bucket of water in front of you, preferably on a table.(some say to put a cup as well)

Put a fan behind you so it blows on your baxk, set it to low

Now go to sleep and wake up at 3am, sit in the seat at 333 am.

do not look into the mirrors light the candle on the table, shielding it from the fan with your body. If you move the fan will blow it out, do not move.

Youre supposed to have a friend call you back. At 434 .

So the point of the ritual is one spirit will be the fool and the other will be the queen.
The queen answers truthfully, the fool will decieve. It is up to the magician to discern the two.

Have fun, be safe, follow safety precautions, cleansing and such.

Note. Back when i did this, we had a window in the room. This caused a breeze which made it hard to divine accurately with the candle. So avoid any breezes other than the fan.