Three free spirit/tarot readings in honor of Prince Orobas [Closed]

This reading is geared towards LHP practioners with a background in the Goetia and it’s spirits but all are welcome to inquire for a reading.

This will be a forecast for the querents next four to six weeks.

Please indicate your interest here, readings will be done asap by pm.

This will be done using the occult tarot by McHenry.

Ok we have one taker already. Two spots left. Please inquire here.

I am in please

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Ok you’re second I’ll PM you in ten minutes or so

can i get a reading ?

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Yes your third. I’ll be with you in approximately 20 minutes by pm please be ready

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@Mulberry or @DarkestKnight please lock the thread

Tyvm for the reading Mike… u r the MAN!!! Once again TYVM​:+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3: