Three Free Rune Readings!

I’ve begun working with the runes for divination after my mother gave me a new set made from bone (it’s gorgeous) and I would love some practice. I have a few clients but I would love to give back to my fellow BALG-ers!


me please !

I’m in, a general reading if you could :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind a free reading.

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Alrighty, all slots have been taken! Once they’ve received their readings I’ll open it up again.

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I would love to be in the next group, when you start back up.

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Count me in for the next one!!

If it is open again, I would appreciate one :slight_smile:

If you have extra time I would love one!

Sure. Id be happy to

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I’m down

I’m in

I’d like one.

I just want to say that FraterMagni reading is very spot on, I’m really impressed by your skills brother.

Also can you tell us what books do you recommand on rune divination?

If you are doing this again, I’m in.

I’ve got my hand up. Get around to it whenever. Thanks

Alright no more readings other than those who posted already.

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Hey guys sorry about not getting the second batch done yet. I’ve been pretty sick and stressed about things so hopefully tomorrow or the next day I’ll be able to complete the readings!


Hope you are feeling better soon.

There’s no rush. I actually forgot. Look after your self first. Get well