Three free rune casts

The runes have called out to me recently so I had a custom set made for me. Each rune has been concentrated with a bit of my own blood to be extremely accurate.

While meditating I was told they could be a thousand times more accurate but that would require the same sacrifice Odin made which was to sacrifice myself to myself for nine days. I doubt I could survive that.

So first come first serve and pm me your question.

I’m down for a rune reading. PM on its way.

Ok two more are available

Sure, I’d take one.

One more available

i would like one too

Received a rune cast from Mider. Straight and to the point, as the runes are. The answer to my question was succinct and provided me with insights to meditate on.

Thanks, Mider. Great reading on my question. Much appreciated.


You’re the last :slight_smile:

And thank you darkestknight

Thanks Mider,

Your response to my question. Is exactly how things are going for me right now.
Really accurate.

Thanks again

Got a reading from Mider about a project. A positive result based on my efforts, which I had checked with my own systems but wanted a second opinion on.

Very useful.

Thanks, Mider.