Three Free Readings, Three Questions

Hey all. :slight_smile: I am offering three psychic readings free, and will answer three questions per reading. Anyone?

Hi I would like a general reading. If you want questions it will be, when will I meet my soulmate, will I stay in my current career for long, and when will I starting earning more.

Thank you in advance😊

Hey I am interested as well. Can I send you a PM? Thanks for the offer!

I would like one

This is the first time I’m on time with these lol. I’m always late to these and miss my chances

Ok give me a few minutes to meditate on this.

I’m sorry, @4648Cru But you are in violation of the 90 day rule regarding readings. You joined on November 10 and thus have not been here long enough to offer readings.

I am removing this from the public forum until the mods can close it.

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The message I got for soul mate, is for you not to search for her. She will come into your life unexpectedly, and it may be someone you already have met. As far as career goes, you want your financial situation to improve correct? This could happen in current career, but not fast enough. Be open to new opportunities, but I caution you not to be hasty. Stay where you are with the option of becoming employed elsewhere. When I said be open to opportunities, the right one will present itself, but do research before taking any new job.

Oh ok. I didn’t read that, I do apologize. Oops!


Cheers, you’re good to go from Feb 10th, I know it’s a drag but we have to be pretty careful, because any loopholes make us all vulnerable to spammers, scammers, etc. :+1: