Three free readings*closed*

Three is three. Don’t ask for two. I will decide if it is necessary for more.

• I can find a lost thing
• I can help you choose between two things
• I can give a straight answer
• I can tell you when X is going to happen
• I can answer yes/no
• I can tell you if you’re cursed and who did it(still new to this one)
• I can give advise
• (NEW) I can answer a question you have for a spirit.


I’d be up for some advice.


Advice on my current situation on magick, please.


So we have to ask 3 questions @TheUmbra

No! Just one! Pleaseeee

No don’t worry you went at the same time as her I’ll do you too

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Would you like a specific topic of magic or just general?

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Just generally, thank you :smiley:


This is a Is treating one. It’s mostly negative. I think it’s a whole lotta what you should stop doing, or need to improve on. First off I want to look at the king of spades. You aren’t in control. It looks like you’re blocking yourself from improving. Keep working twords improving in every way possible. And don’t forget all you need to do is call for help. Dont be afraid to do so.

This was a tough one for me. I got mixed signals of someone working against you or you are working against yourself.

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If one would look outside they would tell exactly otherwise but speaking for myself I mostly agree, and good luck to my enemies out there. :upside_down_face:

Thank you, it resonates.