Three Free Readings [3/3] Closed

So I’m pulling three cards from my dragon tarot for you guys. I need the practice. Please provide a specific question.

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Am I close to astral projecting?

Please can you take one please

I’ll take the last slot.

What will the outcome be if I choose to work with the elements instead of doing a pathworking with the angels?

How close i am to divination.


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What do you mean how close are you?

Ok, how close i am to soul travel I’ll change question

Close means how fast I will achieve it


You’re welcome. Was it accurate?


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Could I also get the reading I don’t know how to read them

I used internet

@BladeOfWoe Are you providing an interpretation, or are we to interpret the cards on our own?

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I can provide the interpretation from my booklet but I think it’d be best to gather the meaning for yourself. I’m still getting the intuition bit down :joy:

Here are yours. Thanks for your patience.

Thank u for this tarot

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