Three Free Mystic Monday Readings (Closed)

I received a new deck today, and so I am offering three free readings with it. I’ve only used it with my son, and his words were Mom I like this game. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I don’t do timelines, and I’ll be posting in this thread :slight_smile:


Sure, hit me :smiley:

Lol I jumped on this thread so fast.

Can you do me a general look ahead for the next two months or so? x


Yepper. It won’t be a true black though :stuck_out_tongue: lol the cards feel much more lighthearted to me lol.

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Go ahead and hit me with one if you want, I’m curious as to what you’ll get.


Yepper give me a few. Just tucking my kids into bed and I’ll be right with you guys. Just realized my kids so distracting me that I forgot my images. Ooops.


Those are some interesting cards with nice holographic/foil edges.

Could be fun.

Me too please.


i figured. i don’t think i could take another true black reading :joy: i’d like at least a sliver of optimism.

(nah, but really, i think the last trueblack reading you did for me was the most helpful one i’ve ever had. it is liberating to get that unequivocal NO and a swift kick in the ass telling you to move on to better things :joy: I’m actually considering getting my hands on a copy of the true black deck myself…)

ooh new ones are pretty too. was gonna ask for photos.


I’ve been wanting to get a True Black deck for a while, but the timing was never right. Didn’t click with it like I did with my other decks when I bought them.


What can Veil expect over the next few months?

Idk how I feel about this deck so far. The cards are thicker than the cheap deck I got off wish, but they are not as thick as True Black and they are very slick. They shuffle considerably different from any deck I’ve ever touched.

First is the Queen of Pentacles reversed. Earth Mother, Nourishment, hearth. Oddly this book does give a complete page for every reversed card, so while I usually reverse them myself, I think I’ll go with it and see where we end up? Reversed this card talks about all work and no play. You may be completely immersed in your career, or work and providing for your family and friends to the point that you are also taking away potential quality time from those who mean the most to you. You may be overwhelmed, struggling to find balance and feeling inadequate. This card is a call to take a step back an ground and center yourself. Balance is the key to sustainability for both your health and your sanity. If you are questioning your ability to provide for your needs, trust your gut, but don’t work yourself to the bone in order to achieve something that won’t mean as much as the time you are loosing trying to obtain it. Take a step back and see if you can cut spending elsewhere to help you manage your time and your goal in the long run.

Next is the Ace of Pentacles reversed. Money Mishaps, Reevaluation, Financial Hardships. This hard talks about paying close attention to your finances as you may need a little extra cushion to get you through. Manifesting feels harder when there are setbacks, but don’t let it discourage you or catch you unprepared. This card is a call to evaluate which parts of your plans are working and which are not. Weigh the pros and cons and possibly get a trusted friend or advisor to look over your shoulder and help you make the right decisions for you. If you are consumed with climbing the ladder and obsessing over money to the point that that you are putting it above other aspects of your life- reconsider. You should have a plan to reach stability and build the foundation for your future, but once again not at the cost of your sanity, or your life.

Temperance reversed. Imbalance. Discord. Frustration. Life feels unbalanced, leading you to anxiety and stress. You may need to prioritize your activities so that you can find ways to enjoy life on a daily basis. This card is a call to manage the activities you don’t enjoy, release obligations that no longer have meaning to you and maybe even ask for help till the phase passes. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, so find a way to feed your soul and enjoy life. Small steps are easier than giant ones, so if you need to make changes to get there, try it one step, one day at a time rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed by all that needs to be done and trying to accomplish in one swoop. Build your foundation that freedom can flow.

Knight of Cups Romantic, Emotional elation, adoration. Charmer, seducer, lover. You may receive a romantic inquiry from someone you are interested in. This knight of cups is in tune with his intuition and not afraid of deep conversations and his emotions play a large part in his life. The knight of cups prances in as a person, event or even a part of yourself that will lift your spirits and regardless of gender there is or will be undeniable chemistry. This card urges you to shine a light onto your dreams and take the plunge. He is a sign that whatever you choose, you will be emotionally supported along the way.

Six of Cups reversed. Rose-Colored glasses, idealistic, childhood trauma. This card talks about the past coming back to haunt you, unresolved traumas coming to service and you letting it effect who you are today. If you are living in the past you are missing joy filled moments that you could be experiencing in the current moment. Don’t let your perception of what should be, effect what is. Process the past so that you can learn from it, treat your wounds with care and accept who you are today. Acceptance will help you move forward, and starting the healing process now will allow you to take responsibility and step forward into your own power. Be proud of who and what you are, and don’t let what was own you.

All in all it sounds like you either have big financial plans that you will need to get under control and not let them drag you down, or you will have- balance is going to be key for you, and the potential for love is on the way, but if you let that nasty past history get in the way, it could really foil shit up.

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Yeah sorry, I took them, but both kids were in here and playing the game with me and I forgot to upload them lmao…

I’m glad it resonated, I knew when I saw it it would, but ya know… the truth hurts so True Black is great, but it’s hard sometimes.

True black is the only deck I’ve saved for and just had to have, and I’ve been pleased with it. It gives great accurate readings, but as @Veil mentions, it’s brutally honest, and the truth can hurt.

Did you have anything specific @Anziel_Merkaba or just general? Same question @Ryce please. Takes me a few for each because I try to connect with your energy and question and push it at the deck :slight_smile:

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Sounds like my deck Catherine. She’s a bit of a sadist.

Honestly, the same question as Veil basically. General overview of what I can expect in the next few months.

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Just general

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Thanks love :two_hearts: this resonated with me. The finances thing is interesting; money is generally not a concern of mine but I have had something come up recently which raises some hairy questions about money and being prepared for the future. I relate this a lot to my work life which atm is stressful and not very rewarding so in that regard it gives me a lot to think about.

very accurate, currently in progress, and something I am actively working on :sweat_smile: pray for me.

Thank you! I really appreciate how much time and effort you put into your reads :blush:

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What does Anziel need to know over the next few months?

Knight of Swords Reversed. Impatient, impulsive, reckless. Impatience is running the show and you couldn’t care less about what other people think about you or what challenges you may encounter. Your desire and drive to experience life lead you to making impulsive decisions with little regard for the consequences- be they good or bad. Taking a moment to step back and think about your decision and what actions you are taking could prevent you from making rather dire mistakes. You’ve become independent from the beliefs you were brought up with, enabling you to shape your own world views but in your rush to see the world you’re going to end up with scrapes and bruises that aren’t a necessary part of the growing process, but are rather due to your own lack of care and impulsiveness. People may warn you that you could get hurt, but you likely won’t listen and will proudly show off your scars- even if it was kinda stupid how they came to be- they will be proof to you of your experiences. Making mistakes is a part of the process, don’t let it own you because what matters is how long it takes you to get back on that horse.

Four of pentacles. Control Stability, Conservation. Lock and key you’ve got your finances stashed way with double security. You are in complete control of what goes in and what goes out, and you are dutifully standing guard at the door. Saving is a habit you’ve managed to master and you’ve racked up enough to feel financially stable and independent. (This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re well off but that you’ve managed to get into a place where you are in control) This card is a sign that you are doing well, but not to let it get so out of hand that you don’t enjoy the fruits of your labor and progress. Equating financial security with self worth creates a dependency on the materialistic and it can cost more than it’s worth. Remember that you are worthy, regardless of what your bank account has to say about you.

Justice. Law, objective, fair. The law is on your side and the scales are balanced making it a level playing field. Remain objective and impartial and make sure you keep your emotions in check. Honesty is going to be the best policy, and actions do have consequences. Take accountability for your actions as that will determine how things turn out for you. Facts are a source of evidence not hearsay and you may be but a small part of the system but none the less you can make an impact.

Two of Swords. Impasse, stillness, indecision. This card talks about everything coming to standstill and even time seems to pass on by, while you try to make a decision. Choices are plenty but you are struggling to make a decision or find an easier solution for a problem and shielding yourself from any possible consequences. Putting of this decision will only make it worse and you should consult with all of yourself- your mind, and your instincts and go with what just feels right to you.

That’s kinda contradictory tbh to the first card, but it sounds to me like you are naturally very impulsive and don’t give enough fcks, or that you over think things and you need to find a balance in the future between the two.

Last we have the Empress Reversed. Dependence, attachment, fruitless. There is a lack of harmony in your life as you try to struggle everything and maintain some sort of balance. You may be stretching yourself thin and placing others needs before your own and stressing yourself out over nothing. You need to get back into sync and align yourself with your personal goals. Lack of energy and creative blocks may leave you feeling uninspired and monotonous, or you may be taking over the role of what could be considered an over bearing mother type relationship. Whether the fruit is under ripe or over ripe doesn’t matter if you shouldn’t be picking it.

So once again sounds like you may have some balance issues coming, but nothing you can’t handle if you get into the swing of things and think it through- but not too hard.

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No problem. You know anytime you can hit my inbox and I’ll find a minute for you eventually :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure with the first card, cuz you seem to be in control, but when I got to the second I was like Yep. This is a message for Veil and I just don’t know the story.

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Honestly, I’m kinda surprised about the finances thing, I oftentimes spend way too much money online, although I never spend enough to negatively impact my expenses and life. I do agree with the whole part about self worth though, it has been a problem of mine, equating my worth to how well I can work and earn money. I’m working on that.

The impulsiveness is dead on. I’m very headstrong and the source of a lot of my own problems, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As far as the making choices thing, I do hesitate to choose when I have choices to make. It kinda goes back to the control and financial things actually. When I make a choice, I weigh the potential benefits and consequences before proceeding, unless I’m being impulsive.

Balancing the conflicting sides of myself has always been a struggle of mine. It’s good to know that I need to focus on that more though, because I thought I was doing fairly well, which evidently isn’t the case. Especially with the stuff at work where I found myself suddenly in charge.

In any case, thank you for the reading. It has provided me some insight that I feel like I needed.

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My son pulled the same card for me earlier, and he was like nope that’s not you mom and I was like. Hmm but isn’t it at the same time. I’m not well off, but I know exactly where every penny goes and what I can spend extra etc, so while I spurge where I can, I’m real meticulous at being sure my bills are paid too and constantly worried over it.

No problem, it sucks sometimes but when you get called out on issues you know you have, sometimes it can help you get them straight in the long run :slight_smile: You’re not the only one with complete opposite tendencies within them, so contradictory cards are not incredibly unusual- just figuring out why they contradict themselves can be difficult lol :stuck_out_tongue: Usually it’s a matter of learning how to balance it out so you’re a bit more whole and not so far on one side or the other. (Not that it’s easy lol)

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I mean, I am pretty meticulous about my financials, as far as my expenses and always making sure that I have enough for the necessities. I just spend a lot more of my extra money than I should sometimes.

And I’m actually glad to be called on my issues, so long as it’s them being brought to my attention so I know they are there.

As far as contradicting stuff, I’m a puzzle wrapped in an enigma, then deep fried in peanut oil to be served with a side of fries.

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What does Ryce need to know? (it makes more sense when I’m channeling at the deck than give me general-you knob suckers lol)

Princess of Pentacles. Thirst for knowledge, grounded practical. You have a clear vision in mind and are setting up plans and preparing to take actions to make it happen. You are open to furthering your knowledge, learning new skills and implementing new practices to enhance your life. You have a thirst for knowledge fueling your entrepreneurship with curiosity and wonder. Now is the time to collect your resources, build your assets and pursue those real world goals. Don’t get lost in your dreams and remind yourself to remain grounded in order to apply that creativity and use it in your life. Reframe your work as play if necessary and allow yourself to approach learning as a new adventure rather than a dull requirement.

Strength reversed. Apprehensive, doubtful and anxious. Boy this one starts out near the opposite of the first :P. This talks about loosing confidence in yourself due to a setback. You’ve allowed a bump in the road to fill you with doubt and every little tiny step forward brings up the questions and doubt from this setback and can you really do this. You are giving too much sway to your animal instincts in your reactions. Take a deep breath and realize that it was only a minor delay, and that you have the resilience to pull through and the doubt will pass. Reflect on everything going right for you right now, and the supportive people in your life and know that even with setbacks you have a lot going for you and a lot to be thankful for.

The Emperor reversed. Tyranny, domination, headstrong. There is a dominating force in your in life, it could be yourself, your spouse, your boss etc. Dealing with authority has left you feeling powerless and as if you are caged- under someone else’s control. Either you bend the rules or you decided to stand up for yourself towards this authoritative entity. This is a time to feel inspired and start your own venture. Freeing yourself from this constrictive routine will allow you to become your own Emperor so that you can carve your own path and make this your own life. You may have a low key dislike for authority, but there probably is some need for structure in your life, creating your own structure will you allow you to have the flexibility you need, while remaining in control.

Four of Pentacles reversed. Materialism, selfish, frugality. Prioritizing self interest over everything else can quickly turn into greed. Frugal spending just because you are afraid of loosing all that you have is leaving you no room for error. You’re on a conquest to gain more and using the rationale that more stuff equates to more security. Material gains however are not the answer to your problems and all work and no play leaves no room, or hope for your relationships. Don’t let money and the material control who and what you are. Things are nice to have, but they won’t make you happy in the long term.

Queen of Swords. Clever, Meticulous, intellectual. Brains over beauty the queen of swords values intellect over everything else. She has no problem cutting to the chase and telling it like it is with a class and a bit of sass. She is able to use her discernment to see past hidden motives and she askes that you cut straight through the noise and get to the heart of the matter. Detach yourself from your emotions, gather the fact and get straight to the point with impartiality and clarity.

All in all it sounds like you are a creative, innovative person but that you may be letting something or someone hold you back. I can’t really tell if it’s a job or a person or even yourself but it seems like you may have skills, or even just desire skills that could propel you on your path- seems like a business venture to me, but that you have a few obstacles in the way, and if you use the skills you already have, your intelligence and learn what you need to- you can set into place a much happier life for yourself- one that you create.

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Buahaha. I know exactly what this is about. Whenever I read cards for myself, they turn up mostly with the similar tune. Its like Im a thick skulled Aries that has to learn the hard way xD

Thank you for taking the time to do this for me. It confirms a lot of patterns I have been seeing manifest in my life (and more importantly my plans) regarding my own inaction/hesitation.

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