Three free card readings (CLOSED)

Hello, folks :slight_smile:
I am offering three free card readings; first come, first serve.
I will do no channelings of spirits of any kind. No PMs, the readings will be done in this thread.
I will tend to your readings over the course of tomorrow, I am a bit short on time :slight_smile:


Hello, my question is about what things I would have to do to be able to see results with Sargatanas, I have been trying to build a relationship with him for weeks but I have not yet seen many results with my requests for love

If the letters shed some light on why things are stuck, it would be wonderful to be able to resolve it as quickly as possible. Maybe I did something that offended him like doubting his power or he just refused to work with me

Thank you!!

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Please can i have one aboyut when Sv will reach me out(we are in no contact phase so when she(if will do) text,call or other)Thank you @A_Pariah

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@Fer10 alright :slight_smile:

Two spots left

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@Smaug Sure :slight_smile:

One spot left

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I’d be open to one: do my enemies know how I feel about them?

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@saffzirconia I will look into it :slight_smile:

All spots are taken

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Haha, you will hate this but: you need to be patient, fam.
Lets start with the Kipper Card 28 (“Expectation”) and the Lover card, together with the Nauthiz Rune. Your personal future vision about yourself regarding your workings with Sargatanas would be the Lover, I think that this is quite self-explanatory.
The “Expactation” card indicates that in your perception the needed change didn’t come to you; the Nauthiz rune deals with “I need” and “I want” and is connected to discontent and frustration when these needs aren’t met. The rune is actually asking in this context to deal with the lack of getting your needs fulfilled and seeing it as a lesson to polish your character.

Which brings me to the cards Ten of Cups, King of Pentacles and Kipper Card Number 22 (“Military Person”). What you don’t see yet about the possibilities and the ambitions inside of yourself and your refined character: this could be you. Instead of “only” the Lover you could be someone who exercises self-discipline over his immediate needs; someone who is able to endure and to be reliable instead of switching back and forth when something doesn’t go your way. You could be the King of Pentacles, always in control of your own energy (where you invest it, for example), taking all of your “investments” (material-wise but also love-wise!) very seriously, providing for yourself and for others. Crossroad and Bear are telling me about an abundance of inner qualities that you’re already having (like emotional stability in the Ten of Cups, which is REALLY attractive to most people)but that aren’t quite activated right now.

Now, we also have the Devil, Temperance and Death and also the Cross and the Snake. The Devil together with “I want/I need” of Nauthiz and the Lover card indicates that currently there is some sort of internal obsession with your current workings with Sargatanas. You are - in a way - addicted to a certain kind of outcome, not leaving enough leeway for Sargatanas to come through for the transformation you could experience if you’d let him do his job. The Cross and the Snake in this context are telling me about a lack of mental self-control, as well, Snake and Garden seem to indicate a certain kind of crave for being somewhat “known” for the lover-vision that you’ve developed about yourself as well (imagine some sort of “thirst trap”), which doesn’t benefit you in your current stage of development.

Death and Temperance are pointing out that you need to bury this approach, this inner obsession and transform it into something more well-balanced, something calmer. Garden and Crossroad indicate that more than just one path to your goal will open up to you, if you’re able to manage your collaboration with Sargatanas and apply his teachings. The Amdusias card is a sign that it will all come together if you could lay your inner obsession to rest.

Overall, you need to be patient and you need to be able to truly listen to Sargatanas ideas on how to reach your goal (the reading is strongly pointing towards inner refinement, first. It could be his idea for you). This is the more long-winded approach, the not-immediate-satisfaction approach, but it will benefit you strongly in the long run. Apparently Sargatanas has the idea to put you on a strong foundation first, which is actually really long-sighted of him. If this is not the approach you’d like to go with I would advise to work with a different spirit who is more willing to deliver immediate but short-term-ish results :slightly_smiling_face:

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This spread is telling me that this person is currently not interested in contacting you at all.
I see this person as the Queen of Swords, someone who has set boundaries and who values their own space. In the perception of this Queen of Swords you seem to be considered as the King of Cups in reverse: this person is seeing you as someone who is manipulative and emotionally controlling.

I really don’t know what happened between you two but the Ace of Wands in reverse fell out together with the Seven of Swords in reverse. This person isn’t too excited about any kind of relationship with you and the cause seems to be a lie or a hidden truth being reveiled to them. It made them stonewalling their feelings (Queen of Swords) and they have since moved on (Eight of Cups). Seems like this person really wanted to be commited to you (Ten of Cups) but something got in the way that has to do with your actions. This person seems to be really busy right now with other things (Kipper card 34 “Work/Occupation”), as well.

The Lenormand cards are breaking the fourth wall, here. Letter and Woman and Moon are telling you about an emotional message ABOUT a woman (from me to you, if you will) and that the romance (Moon and Heart) between you guys seems to be lost for now (Heart and Mice).

The Malphas card advises that you should start to occupy and strengthen your mind with something else, for now. The card asks you to pay attention to other aspects of your life and your mental wellbeing.

For now I don’t see a time frame when this person will pick the contact up again; it actually looks as if its not anytime soon, if ever.

I know that this shit is hard to read and I’d like to offer you an open ear if you need to vent about it. I am an expert in the “people going no contact and never returning” and “picking myself up from this” myself, so I can understand your hopes for this person to come back. :potted_plant:

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Thank you for reading and advices too! @A_Pariah

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No, if…

At the moment: no, they don’t. In order to leave them in the dark about your feelings there are some precautions for your future handling with these people.

I’ll start with the Kippercard 21 (“Livingroom”) and Frivolity. If you can manage to keep your mouth shut and if you’ll refrain from sharing opinions about them in your immediate circle you’re good. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the situation of having someone from your immediate circle (friends, coworkers, etc) talking about your resentment. They don’t have ill intentions but they are not able to foresee the effects of their chatter. Moon and Book are suggesting a major upheaval if they fail to keep their mouth shut, the Stars in such a constellation together with the Fox are giving away that you should not hope for them to shut up, because they won’t. They will out your true feelings (the Garden suggests a public occasion, like a party or any other meeting) and I would suggest to work any kind of “forgetfulness” rituals if you spoke your mind to someone who has mutual contacts to your enemies, as well.

The white dress is asking you to keep your outward appearance towards them, as well;
The Red Sheperd and the Nine of Cups are telling you that keeping your posture with them will reward you in the long run (think about “You always meet twice”). If you’ve managed to act in a reasonable way around them, keep doing that.

Unhinged behaviour (Hierophant in reverse, Page of Swords in reverse and Knight of Swords) will only result in even more negative attention from their side, with the Six of Pentacles in reverse this could turn out into a really unfair power play towards you that you can not win that swiftly anymore.

Keep your composure and keep your mouth shut. Don’t lay “traces” of your animosity, no passive-aggressive remarks on social media, no badmouthing, no too familiar chit chatting with people that are connected to your enemies (this seems to be the weakest link). You have other ways to get to them, use them.

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Ah, thanks for that. I often wonder what they know…What’s interesting is that I am not much of a gossip, so I wouldn’t badmouth anyone no matter what they’ve done to me as it’s simply not my style. I’ve also acted cordial and polite around them, which is probably why they have no idea about my true feelings. I think they just generally see me as weak and inferior, and they assume my lack of participation in their pettiness is a sign of that. It is a comfort to know that my actions have been the right thing to do all along. But I will consider using the “other ways” of getting to them, as you mentioned.

Thank you very much for this free reading. Your decks are beautiful, and your analysis was excellent. You are certainly gifted!

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Thank you, @Smaug and @saffzirconia :slight_smile:

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Please please can i get one this is the third time i came late😥

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You seem to overall hang in line for some time now, so I’ll make one exception :sweat_smile:
It will be done tomorrow though, since I have to work and need to go to sleep soon :slight_smile:

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Really reall thank you
I want to know if i will date mu specific person ( a.n)
I really like her and I’m trying my best

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Hm, thats a tricky one.

This complete reading is a “Yesn’t”.
I think that your success (Six of Wands and Ten of Cups) will depend on if you can get her out of her indifference towards romantic relationships at the moment. This person doesn’t seem to care too much about dating or getting to know someone, in general (Four of Cups, Dog, Clouds and Anchor) and might give you the cold shoulder. Not because she doesn’t like you in particular, but because she is overall not really involved with wanting to see someone.

Scholar, Ace of Swords and Anchor and Letter pointing towards a success if you can keep her involved with interesting communication. If you have learned about her interests, you could try to use it to make her feel seen and appreciated for whats on her mind. She seems to be the kind of person that gets compliments for her looks on a regular basis, which makes the quality of her intellect and her emotional capacity overlooked. This could also be the reason why she isn’t currently interested in seeing anyone. Ship and Dog together with the High Priestess are inviting you to explore other than romantic qualities of this connection.

Kippercard 32 (Sorrow and Unpleasantness) and Kippercard 14 (Sad News) are suggesting that currently (!) she would tell you “No” if you asked her out without any further efforts to get to know her. The Ronove card is asking you to not blame her if she doesn’t want to go on a date with you, in this case. Looks as if you guys will deepen this connection anyway; if not romantic then otherwise.

Honestly this reading is so awesome she realllly told that she’s not interested in dating before thank you very much :heart::heart:

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