Thread about sigils

I don´t know if alredy exists such a thread, if so, I would like to know it, if not, this new one would be a starting point where everyone can post his/her knodledge about this subject… I want to know all concerning to sigils, the ones based on angels and spirits, and the new ones created on your own intentions etc. How to create, how to charge them, and all details. Also I would like to know your experiences with sigils.

So…instead of making an effort yourself to research the subject on your own, you want everyone to just repeat everything in one place just for little ol’ you. :roll_eyes:

This is already available in the forum’s FAQ and tutorial pages. Start learning how to use the damn search function.


I typed in sigils in search and an amazing thing happened. It brought up over 50 different threads. I try to be nice and help but I’ve reached a limit for today.

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Create by drawing or printing , no such thing as charging , but whatsoever you wish to offer to said spirit on the sigil, and also if you have a petition , write it somewhere

When I posted this message, I had already tried to look for such a thread, but I couldn´t find any. If not, I had not posted anything.

So you do not charge the sigil, simply drawing it?

However, I only found a few ones and not as complete threads but some general posts. If not, I had not posted this message.

But, leaving apart this, I think that even if I had found complete threads about sigils, it is also interesting to post new threads about he same subjects occasionally,if nobody asked about the sabe, there only would be 100 threads on the forum :wink:

You choose an Hebrew letter, and you summon it, or you invoke it, or you cast it, with your intention.
The same with old futhark runes and armanen runes, or with any symbol that you like

According what I am reading it seems that you can use many different squares, with different numerical values for letters. There are also people charging sigils and other not, as well as some burning the sigils while others keep it. So there is no one method.