Thralled 2 Lilith (hello)

Hellow all, I am an avid devotee of Lilith and a black mage like the rest. I’ve been using the arts to aquire undeath.

Please elaborate.

Transmutation of the flesh.

I asked for an elaboration, with the solemn purpose to dispel anything vague, to answer it with another response just as vague is not helping at all.

Are you actually attempting to peddle me the notion you’ve become a bona fide lich?

I find that preposterous.

Kindly try one more time to explain what you actually mean.


I mean, it is what it is. Magic can achieve anything. :slight_smile: It helps that I’ve been feed the undead blood before. Every time I touch someone’s blood to my tounge its like a crack rush. I used a chaos magic sigil to attract their kind. I’m not a lich exactly, liches split off their souls for power or eat the souls of others.

Please introduce yourself properly.

What is your name?

How old are you?

What types of magick do you practice or have experience in?

How long have you practiced?

Failure to introduce yourself properly will result in the removal of your posts until our rules are respected. Introducing yourself isn’t difficult or complicated so I don’t know why so many people have a problem doing it.


Sorry, you guys can just call me Tom…
I’m 24, I practice chaos magic and demonic sorcery with a shamanistic bent.
been practicing singe gee 13