Thoughts vs Clair Senses

i was looking for some helpful tips on being able to analyze and decipher between having thoughts espeically when they speak back vs when a spirit is talking to you. please share your experiences and what works for you, anything would be nice. thank you.

I can tell you a technique that works very well in remote viewing: Write it all down.

On a large piece of paper so you have room, write the impressions from your subconscious on the left, and the conscious thoughts on the right (left brain goes right, right brain goes left): set them aside and do not consider the as part of the the reading until the end.
At the end, read back over your notes and write a summary, what you don’t include in your summary doesn’t count.

If a particular thought keeps coming back and won’t go away, take a break and do something different, it should be cleared when you come back to the session.


can you go in dept on what i’d be noting and would the reading be tarot cards or simple observation?

To caveat: I have not done this with Tarot, I’ve done it with using a sort of automatic writing that is done in a type of remote viewing called Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV). It’s called controlled because it relies heavily of following the process, and using Tarit not the writing is already a a departure from the process, but the principles apply.

It can get very deep and the training goes in “stages” (stages of depth into the reading) that take way too long to explain in a post, but all you want is the part that helps you set aside distractions.

So, let’s say instead of a small written gesture, you have a 3 card reading.

  • First you turn the cards. Record what the cards are on the left.
  • For the first card, on the left write the relevant attributes.
  • For each relevant attribute, on the left now write the impression that come to you.
  • As soon as your mind tried to identify a thing, write that on the right.
  • If a memory pops into your mind, write that on the right.
  • If whole scene played out in your mind, write that on the right.
  • Golden rule: “describe, do not define”.

It’ the job of he conscious mind to identify and control, your survival depend n it, and it’s very good at it’s job. But here it’s inserting ideas that are not helpful… it’s going “ooh, ooh, I know!” … but it doesn’t it just wants to very badly. It’s always wrong.

  • Finally write the summary when you are done. Which can be as soon or as late as you like. You can read for hours or a few minutes, the longer you go the more detail you get. Like finding more and more pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

It will come out something like the target contains elements of [card attributes], there’s [stuff] like [xyz] at the target". Only then let the conscious mind insert guesses once you have the whole picture.
If the reading is for someone else, don’t try to interpret it, let them do it.