Thoughts on this storm?

A while back there was this storm, I like storms and the feeling of them, but this was no storm, it was like 6pm and it only gets dark at 8-9pm, and it was darker than night outside, and started to storm. It didn’t feel right at all. I could feel something circling my house, and could see orbs circling. Plus there was alot of lightning, and all of a sudden I hear an explosion outside my house (Wasn’t a lightning strike) and I messaged my friend about it right after (Same guy that was with me earlier, and found the tree) and he said the same thing happened outside his house at the same time, and he said he saw something easily 10+ft tall in his neighbors field (There was a basketball hoop and it was as tall/taller than it in the field too), next to the woods. It had white fur like an arctic wolf would have, and was humanoid. And a week after that storm things didn’t feel right at all. Come to think of it this was around the time I was starting to really get into the occult and interact with the entities around me/attached to me.


A little while ago I had a dream these little glowy things were having do some sort of magick with my hands outside and as I was trying, a lot of wind and dark clouds gathered. Soon after that [days after] I woke up yelling because of extremely loud thunder- it scared me awake I guess. I was really confused because it was sunny and 90° all week here in california. Why tf was there thunder and rain and clouds, practically only around my house- and no one else was awake when it happened besides my dogs outside barking about it.

It doesnt have toooo much to do with your experience but I dunno- I wanted to look into possible deities having to do with thunder. Perhaps we’re sensitive to their presence or something ? I have no idea


Speaking of, this is what this storm was like too for me, but instead of my house it was my town.

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