Thoughts on this Love Spell situation?

A few years ago, I did a love binding ritual and created a small effigy afterward to keep inside my pillow since. I’d say the results have been subtle but strong since and had some really good signs earlier this year, but I noticed lately the energy had been dulling. I found out that about 3 months ago, a jealous friend found that effigy (I guess it fell out of the pillow sham right before my recent move) and burned it in anger and didn’t tell me until recently. At this point, how can I correct this? Should I redo the spell?

Who burnt it?

My friend that I’ve known about a year. He isn’t involved in this at all

Oh no. Once i told my friend about a love spell (white light fluffy spiritual guy ) that spell went to shit. And he would keep sending cord cutting meditations and karma video bla bla bla. He kept asking about the spell all the time.

This is why magic should stay secret.

With this one go with your intuition. Either do the same spell or a even stronger one.

With your friend make sure has either forgotten about it, if he hasn’t say it was something you did once and you dont believe in it or it didnt work basically down play it. Minimise any influence.

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