Thoughts on the energetic body

I have been exploring the concept of the purpose and function of the energetic body in the use of magic. Seeing how much is actually set in stone and how much is based on the individual. here has been my findings:

The acausal body(I use this terminology because I see it as encompassing the physical, mental, astral, etheric, etc. basically I see it as the total product.) is defined by individual exploration. this is one of the reasons individual “fade away” after death. it is because they were never that solid to begin with. this is also the reason you have so many systems for the energetic body(such as the system with 3, 5,7, and 13 chakras), the are creating/developing the systems as they use them.

the normal individual is closer to a fetus than a developed energetic being.

Once you understand this concept you can augment the body, both physically and spiritually with different “programs” at your discretion. on a physical level this allows you to tune up or strengthen muscles and slow down aging. this may also be the secret behind shape shifting. the other side of the coin is techniques like shielding(though that is a very simple use).

the only limits on your body is your beliefs.

the key to all magic is the individual acausal body and states of consciousness. everything else is just a tool to strengthen this body.

For example when you first start working with a spirit they will probably be doing most of the work, leading to some mixed results. then as you continue to use this spirit the pathways necessary in the body become strengthened(like a muscle) leading to more successful results. eventually leading to where you can manifest your desire without any prompting or barely any effort. this is because the energetic body has been strengthened to the point of being a finely tuned machine.

this is why strengthening the physical body is so important, as well as working on your own psychology and emotional states.

emotions are extremely important to evocation as they are they key to tapping into the entities “frequency” I don’t know if those emotions are what the entity feels, or what their energy feels like and the emotions are just a metaphor. I’m not even sure that emotions are the right word to use as through contact with certain entities you will enter states that we do not have word for but feel similar to emotions in a way. think of your emotions as a radio and the key to contacting the entity is tuning the dial. this is the reason prepatory immersion is so important.

so to the more experienced magicians does this sound right to you? what specifically is off?

When you start ramping up you energy levels it will take a toll on you physical body, the better shape you are in, the less it will effect you. I think that’s what you said, I just wanted to elaborate a tad more.

I honestly didn’t think of that aspect… the strengthening of the physical body seems to strengthen the energetic. I don’t know if this is due to the lines of where one ends and the other begins are poorly defined or if the working with physical physical training teaches you a certain level of awareness of the energetic body and how the two intertwine.

I’ve worked with my own spiritual body as well as the spiritual bodies of others for over 8 years now and while I feel I’ve learned a lot about it there is still so much that remains mysterious to me. In my experience there are no lines separating your spiritual body from your physical body. It is both a map and a doorway to your entire existence and the part you play in the greater whole of the universe.

While learning different spiritual healing arts I’ve found that in most cases any physical ailment or enhancement for that matter will be found on the spiritual body before it’s ever noticed on the physical body. At the same time you can get a persons entire life story by observing their spiritual body. For example if I were to look at someones “aura” and started to see holes in it forming around the head area I could safely say that this person probably suffered from some mental abuse depending on where the holes were located and other distinguishing characteristics. And that’s only looking at the surface. Going deeper and observing the chakras you might notice that one of them isn’t working properly or isn’t working at all and in the areas around those chakras you might see strange cloudlike things that carry the issues related to that chakras ailment.

Say for instance the root chakra is inactive and the solar plexus is spinning in reverse. A person like that would most likely on the physical level be experiencing lethargy and isn’t taking very good care of themselves. While on a broader level they are having trouble finding or holding down a job and probably don’t have much stability in their lives. Also if the spiritual condition is left uncorrected for a long time it can cause other parts of the spiritual body as well as parts of the physical body and the persons life to spiral into an even worse state. Correcting this problem would over time not only show an improvement in the persons health and well being but also their life.

The spiritual body is a way for us to take a look at the correlation between our individual microcosm and the greater macrocosm and bring them into alignment with one another. The underlying theory here is that the healthier and more vibrant your spiritual body is, the happier and more in sync with your dharma you will be.

I noticed in my my experiments with my chakras that one of my chakras was for the most part highly inactive and the chakra below it was overactive to compensate for the strain. This was one of the things holding back how effective my workings were. I failed to observe the direction they were spinning though, I will try that tonight.