Thoughts on teaching a child? (Anxiety) and banishing techniques

Tend to try and avoid telling mine what to do too much as I was very indoctrinated and want to leave my kid free as possible to find their own path

But they suffer with anxiety (more so than is usual for a child that age) … and they do things themselves like take crystals around and have their own ideas about how they’ve charged their crystals etc and claim it protects them

(Most of their ideas come from kids books and programs)

Thoughts on if teaching a child who is particularly scared about certain things something like the sword banishing ritual would be more harmful or beneficial?

Since they are my child… if I did… I could kinda just do the activation on their behalf somehow?

Really not sure if this is one of my dumber or better ideas but since it’s my kid I thought to ask first :joy:

They pick stuff up themselves and come up with their own methods but I think the idea of kicking away things they don’t want might possibly work for them… as an idea for trying out

Kids??? Best would be Qi Gong or other energy work method to store energy and be more powerful. He should learn how to do correctly breathing and anxiety will dissapear.

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Yeah I think the issue is that they have to see the point in something… I do encourage “just breathe” but they haven’t really caught on yet how helpful that could be

So thought about entering their own fantasy world of supernatural abilities… and offering them something to try

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I created servitors for both of mine, to take in negative energies, thought processes, etc and transmute it into beneficial energies, thought patterns etc.

My son is 12 and we’ve recently had to have a chat about how to handle unwanted spirits and them invading his space as well. We covered things like know it can’t hurt you unless you allow it, (not entirely true but he’s 12…) sent him home with an obsidian bracelet to sleep with, a salt grinder to sprinkle around his room, (Which he says mysteriously disappeared last week lol I told him to check his kitchen when he got home and never heard back), giving him the name of his servitor- though I do need to amend it’s programming so it can appear to him, rather than strictly not being detectable. We also covered basic shielding and pushing it out from you to cover the room, then the home, had him try out some energy feeling techniques to which he was very sensitive to, and even talked about calling out to mom/the boyfriend when stuck in sleep paralysis-within the dreamscape.

I’d say, cater it to your child and your childs needs, but if they are in your home most of the time, good hygiene on your part will go a long ways, and basic shielding and warding is not something I’d consider optional, with any child that’s spiritually inclined in anyway. They need to know how to protect themselves regardless of what they end up believing and/or practicing, particularly if they are naturally gifted in any spiritual area- which would include imop charging and using crystals.


Hmm :thinking: actually a servitor is an awesome idea… I’ll have to look into how to do that

Had a really interesting chat this morning with them that they initiated being upset a relative told them magic is bad and they are incredibly cross with the idea

Magic in his world means fantasy and kids things but he’s already got his own ideas forming of things he finds useful and they don’t come from me telling him to do it or how

The bit that concerns me is opening him up more so astrally… when he’s already got his own ways of interacting and perceiving things… so I guess yeah I want a child friendly way of giving him some protection he might go for


There’s the japanese custom of drawing the kanji for “person” ( [hito]) in your hand and “eating it” to get over anxiety and stage fright.

I would swap the kanji for an applicable rune. In this case I would say tiwaz.

They could also cut the rune into their food (or visualize it in a drink) and take a moment to center and focus before consuming it, thereby taking it into themself.

I would also get a kid an Algiz necklace to wear, and spend time with them visualizing it’s protective power and light before bed or whatever.